Scotland Hiking Trip

UPDATE: Sorry, this trip is now fully booked. There is, however, a fair chance that I’ll do the same trip again in May 2017. So drop me a message if you would be interested in that.

Hi Everyone!

I’m organising a group trip to the highlands of Scotland for one week of hiking. Saturday to Saturday, 11th to 18th June, 2016 inclusive.

I’ve booked a fabulous, large, self-catering house on the beach called Balnakeil House. We will have the whole place to ourselves. Each day we’ll do a different hike up one of the nearby mountains, and in the evenings we cook a large dinner together.

This is a repeat of a very similar trip I did last year, staying at the same house. It was so much fun that I want to do it again. The area is extremely remote and wild, beautiful landscapes, very quiet, huge sandy beaches and desolate mountains. Attached photos are from last year’s trip.

There are 13 of us confirmed so far, and we have one place remaining. We are an international group with members from UK, US, Germany, Russia, Romania, Poland, Ireland, and the Philippines. All of us live in Munich, Germany, but anyone from anywhere is welcome to join us. Some of us know each other well through the local hiking group, others have never met. Age range is 30 to 45 years, and so far we are 7 girls and 6 guys. There are three couples, the others are single. Everyone is relaxed and friendly.

We will meet at Edinburgh Airport, then drive to the north coast together in a minibus. There will be six one-day hikes. The hikes will be medium-level difficulty. Any reasonably fit and active person with a good pair of hiking boots will manage no problem. This is a privately-organised, non-commercial trip. Everyone pays equal share of the costs, including me, the organiser.

You need to book your own travel to Edinburgh. Then the costs are €490 each for the house, minibus, fuel, and fares for some short ferry trips we take to reach the islands. We will also have a budget of €190 each for all the food – some of this money you might get back at the end if we stay within budget. There are no other costs, except alcohol and maybe personal spending money for postcards or whatever.

I have lots more info to share in Google Docs. So if interested, get in touch!



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