Hey all! I am in the process of lining up a Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu with two of my friends. We are doing a 5 day/4 night trek with a guide service, and we have selected Karikuy Tours. Info on the trek can be found at . The trek starts at $339/person, but if we find a few more people, it will be less expensive… We are hoping to head out on the trail on October 24th, as we only have 3 weeks in Peru and have a few other items on the agenda! We are three awesome ladies from Idaho and Oregon, USA, and love to spend time in the woods and on mountain tops!



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  1. Hi Annie, that sounds great! I am also in Peru in October and also interested in the Salkantay trek, it looks beautiful. I leave Peru on Oct 27th though. So would it also be possible for you to do the trek a couple of days earlier? 20th for example would be perfect.

    Best wishes, Kilian

  2. Hello, Annie and her friends and Kilian,

    any interest in doing the trek independently without a guide?
    I’m also planning on hiking on the 21st, and 20th or 24th is fine for me too.
    It’s often done independently:

    I found a lot of resources online on trekking independently, and apparently it’s pretty easy to navigate:)

    It could save 100-150$ per person