Salkantay Base Camp trek


I am Joan, from Barcelona!

I have a few days mid/end August this year and will be in the surroundings of Machu Picchu, Peru.

I will be heading to the Salkantay Base Camp trek, a 4/5 days trek that ends up in Machu Picchu, but off the beaten track of both the Inca trail and the morning train from Aguas Calientes.

There are two treks to Machu Picchu that go around the Salkantay peak (at 6200m). One is the usual route that goes over the west side of the peak, the other is the harder one going on the East side. Both of them require no permit and no guide, and I am planning to do one of them in absolute autonomy. Both have high passes at around 4600m and 4700m, although they are doable just by trekking — we need some acclimatization and good physical condition.

The Salkantay Base Camp trek is the one on the East side. It is my favorite, since it is less frequented, a bit harder, and more adventurous. It has two passes at 4600m and 4700m.

However, should I find partners here or elsewhere, I could also consider doing the normal Salkantay trek. It has one pass at 4600m.

I plan to start on August 17, or August 18 the latest, since I have a very tight schedule — I am meeting some friends on the 21st/22nd and I would not like them to wait for me too long.

So say hello if you are interested!!


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