Saipal Base Camp

I’m planning a trek to Saipal Base Camp from Bajhang side. It is one of the untouched region that one can explore in western Nepal and I’m looking for partners to hike with. During this trek, the highest point we’ll ever get to will be the base camp itself at 4100 mtrs. I’ve some previous experience with high altitude trekking and had recently done a solo trek to Tsho Rolpa glacial Lake in Rolwaling Valley. I’m a moderate pace hiker who love to have company of people and enjoys every bit of the journey. I’ll be doing this trek independently without any guide or porter. Below is the basic itinerary of the trek. I’m flexible with date and way we trek. It will be a trip to remember for a lifetime.

Day 1 & Day 2 Kathmandu to Chainpur, Bajhang
Day 3 Chainpur to Talkot (5 hrs Jeep Ride)
Day 4 Trek Starts from Talkot to Jaalkhel (7-8 hrs)
Day 5 Jaalkhel to Dhuli
Day 6 Dhuli to Saipal Base Camp (Need to do camping here)
Day 7 Saipal Base Camp Exploration Day
Day 8 Saipal Base Camp to Jaalkhel
Day 9 Jaalkhel to Chainpur
Day 10 & Day 11 Chainpur, Bajhang to Kathmandu



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