Russia. Kamchatka

There is one more place that has captured and doesn’t release me for many years – it’s Kamchatka. Kamchatka is a region on the Pacific Ocean in Far East of Russia, a region known for fresh seafood like caviar, beautiful landscape and volcanos. Now on Kamchatka there is an eruption of the highest active volcano of Eurasia – Klyuchevskaya Sopka. Jast imagine, lava escapes from a crater of a volcano and flows down bright streams down, the crater bubbles and throws out fire. It’s just necessary to see this unforgettable show of Mother Nature!!! And now we have a great opportunity to do this and to feel the spirit of volcano. But we have to harry up, because eruption can stop in a few month. Besides, in October herds of deer together with the reindeer breeders people leading a traditional life come back from tundra pastures. There is an opportunity to visit them, and also indigenous people of Kamchatka with old and rich cultural traditions. In a cold season it is possible to get warm in “the Kamchatka Switzerland” – Esau’s settlement known for the curative thermal sources.
I’m looking for new friends ready to join me on this amazing trip! I am going to start on October, 28 in Moscow and return on November, 6 also in Moscow.



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