Rural Nepal and EBC Trekking

Hi guys.

I am a solo traveler and documentary photographer from Macedonia planing to explore rural Nepal in September. I plan to spend 4-5 days in Ktm and then hit the road to the villages where i plan to hang out with the locals and learn about their culture. I also plan to do the EBC trekking, so if there is anybody else with similar plans to mine and wants to join forces can contact me so we can plan this adventure together.

On my profile page u can see all the social networks so u can go there and check me out 🙂



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  1. hi Dragan, just found your profile and noticed you have same dates for nepal trekking trip. hv you already found any mates to join you? i d like to be the one if you dnt mind

    • Hi there, no i didn’t but i did some research for the treks, u can find me on FB so we can chat a little and see if we have same plans for the Nepal adventure and join forces 😉

  2. i cant see any of your contacts here on your page. feel like i ve limited excess to see it . so how can i find you on FB

    will appreciate if you could send me the link to FB to chat abt the trip

  3. Hello i plan to come to Nepal around the 22nd of September and want to trek
    Everest Base Camp. I am a solo traveler looking for someone to trek with , do you have any dates for this trek ?

    • Yes i do, i will begin on the 14th of Sept. too bad :/

  4. Hi my brother and I are hoping to do EBC leaving the 13-14. What route and how many days are you taking?