Route of Parks Chile- BIKE AND HIKE/CLIMB

Hello there! I am super excited because I have been waiting for a long distance trail to explore in South America, and the Route of the Parks of Patagonia has just been completed in October! It is a 1,740-mile-long journey across 17 different national parks that stretch from Puerto Montt in Chile’s Lake District to Cape Horn. There are more than 60 communities along the way, so in biking terms somewhere to stop for food and water every 3 days per average, with the trail taking us through Torres del Paine, Corcavado, Patagonia, along with many other Parks. It is a dirt road with many side trails off of it, and an abundance of wilderness.
This seems like the trail to bike to me. Due to the long stretches of wilderness and the fact that the trail itself is a dirt road, I am interested in biking it. However, my background is in hiking and climbing, and I plan on building an itinerary with many side hiking and climbing trips, and open to climbing and canoeing, especially in Corcovado Park. My plan so far is to do an independent trip with a small group, and for each person to have wilderness and long distance trekking or biking experience. So far it is me, and most likely my partner as well. I have experience from thru hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018, hiking through Nepal for 35 days in 2017, hiking 3 weeks backpacking in Olympic National Park in 2016, and hiking through the Grand Canyon in 2015. I love climbing, and submitted Shasta and Kang La Pass this year. My partner is a backcountry snowboarder with mounaineering experience and biked accross the states 2 years ago. He is a skilled navigator. Let me know if there is any interest!! This seems like the adventure of a lifetime 😁



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  1. I’d love to join up with you … but will be departing Puerto Montt on my own about January 14, 2019 … heading south by bike for 4-8 weeks.

  2. Sounds really interesting. I wouldn’t want to do 2-3 months though, maybe more like 2-3 weeks. Plus I guess somehow you’ve got to get hold of a bike and return (sell?) it at the end. But if that works please let me know.