Reckong Peo to Nako in himachal pradesh.

Reckong Peo to Nako

Day First: Reckong Peo to Kashang Kanda via Telengi and Pangi village : 20 Km. : At Kashang one can enjoy the scenic beauty of thick forest & lush green pastures. One glacier viz. Mukim-Chikim from where Kashang nullah orginates, is also situated at Kashang Kanda.

Day Second: Kashang to Lippa via Asrang village : 15 Km. : The trekking route passes through a wild life sanctuary in which various wild animals such as ibex, black sheep etc. can be frequently seen.

Day Third: Lipa to Temcho Lake : 10 Km., Height : 16000 ft.-via Changmang, Santtang : The villagers of Asrang, Lippa, Spilo, Kanam, Labrang, Karla, Ropa, Giabung, Rushking, Sunnam gathered at Changmang Santtang to celebrate Phullach (festival of flowers) on fourth September (20th Bhado). The people of this area believe that Pandavas have made this lake.

Day Fourth: Temcho lake to Giabong : 15 Km. : Staging hut at Giobong.

Day Fifth: Giabong to Hango : 14 Km. :via Sunnam village: Steep climb to cross Hango pass. Beautiful village surrounded by mountains on three sides. I&PH staging hut is available for the co
nvenience of tourists.

Day Sixth: Hango to Nako : 20 Km. : via Chuling, Liyo & Yangthang. At Liyo one has to cross river Spiti.



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