Rara and Jumla

Following is the tentative plan however the dates are fixed. There may be buffer time in between Nepalganj and kalikot according to local travel time schedule. Vehicle to Kalikot and Jumla is by Tata Sumo jeep that we are going to hire.

October 12Th Reach Nepalgunj By Night Bus from Kathmandu
13th Vehicle to Kalikot Stay overnight
14th Vehicle to Jumla Stay overnight
15th Early Departure to Mugu Reach X
16th Departure from X Reach Mugu, Rara
17th A day stay at Rara
18th Early Departure from Rara Reach Y
19th Early Departure from Y Stay in Jumla
20th Early Departure from Jumla Reach Nepalganj, Take Bus to KTM
21th Reach Kathmandu
We are traveling independently and locally.

Also if anyone prefers to travel by air to Nepalganj, they can join us from Nepalganj.



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  1. I want to go with you

  2. Hii

    Its my dream to visit Rara Lake from a long time and i am too keen to join the group.i am an Indian and i live near Nepalganj so i can join the party in Nepalganj itself