Phaplu to EBC

Hi 🙂

I am currently in Kathmandu, and I would like to take a Jeep to Phaplu and trek to Lukla and EBC from there.
I haven’t booked a Jeep yet so I’m quite flexible about the departure date. Since I’m not going with a guide or a porter, I would like to hike with someone.
Departure could be anywhere from 29.10.18 to 2.11.18.
I am not in a rush so I would prefer a trekking partner that is not in a hurry to get to EBC and back. I would like to be able to enjoy the trek and adjust to the altitude. I am also keen to do different routes above Lukla and currently I am also considering a climb of Island Peak, if I have the energy after EBC, but I dont expect my trekking partner to have the exact same plans. I am flexible to agree on a trek where we hike in and out together the whole way, but I can also accept that we only trek a part of the way together. I think the most important for me is to have a trekking partner from Phaplu to Lukla, but I would enjoy the company for the full length of the trek as well 🙂

If you are interested, please add me on facebook and send me a PM, but please I am asking for a trekking buddy, not a date haha

Anne Sophie Ambrus



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  1. Hi Anne Sophie!
    I will arrive in Katmandu on October 30th. I plan to start my trek from Lukla on November 1rst or 2nd. My plan is to get to EBC and Gokyo Valley. I am not in a hurry as well. I would love to share the path with other trekkers on my way up 😉