Trekking Ausangate & Choquequirao, Peru – anyone interested?

Hi all,

I’m looking for partners to do some trekking in Peru in July or Early August of 2013. I’d like to do the 6 day Ausangate trek and a trek into Choquechirao.  Both treks would leave out of Cusco and I am planning to work with one of the guide services. Plan on two days to acclimate and a day or two in between treks. Cost will be between $400 and 600 per trek. I am in my 50s but am in great shape and an avid hiker, backpacker and biker. Please contact me if interested. Thanks

United States


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    Hi Dennis, any luck in finding partners yet? This sounds like I great couple treks. I hiked from Choquequirao to Macchu Picchu a few years ago so would be glad to offer any advice. I had the ruins pretty much to myself and the trail as well over 5/6 days of hiking. Amazing scenery and steep mountains…

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    Here’s someone else going to Choquequirao!