Peru: Trekking Cedros around the Nevados Alpamayo and Huascaran

Trekking the Trans Cordillera Blanca: The Cordillera Blanca (White Range) is the largest and most popular mountain range in Peru, with 31 peaks more than 6,000 meters high, and more than half of the 6000 meter peaks in all of Peru. Here you’ll find the highest and most beautiful mountain in the tropics – snowcapped Huascaran (6,768 m) – as well as the popular and spectacular Alpamayo (5,947 m) – the stand outs in a region of superlatives!

This trekking circuit, which winds around the peaks of Huascarán and Alpamayo, is a dream destination for avid high mountain trekkers. It’s a formidable trek due to the altitude and the many passes along the way. This excursion is nine days of fascinating landscapes, including turquoise mountain lakes, high passes between extraordinary ice capped peaks, and endemic plants interspersed with high plateaus.

Day 1: First stage of trekking: Hualcayan (3150 m) – Trekking to Wishcash Camp (4520 m)
Day 2: Wishcash – Trekking to Ruina Pampa (Pampa Ruins) (4000 m)
Day 3: Ruina Pampa – Trekking to Cruze Alpamayo (4250 m)
Day 4: Cruze Alpamayo – Trekking to Caracara Pass (4830 m) and Tayapama Valley (4150 m)
Day 5: Tayapama – Trekking over Pucajircas Pass (4615 m) to Jancapampa (3600 m)
Day 6: Jancapampa – Trekking via Tupatupa Pass (4400 m) – Laguna Huecrucocha (4050 m)
Day 7: Laguna Huecrucocha – Trekking over Yanagrahirca Pass (4,300 m) to Colcabamba (3300 m)
Day 8: Colcabamba – Transfer to Huaraz: Over Portachuelo Pass (4650 m) – via to the Llanganuco Valley and Huaraz



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