Peru: Santa Cruz – Ulta trek

This is a 5-6 days trekking (for agency organised groups) in the Huaraz / Cordillera Blanca region. I want to do it in 4-5 days independently. I do not have my tent or camping stove, but this could be rented out easily. The trekking is easy to navigate. I like to walk a lot:) All I need is a trekking partner. I can be in Huaraz region from 20th to 26th January 2016.



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  1. Hi Kasia,

    I have similar hopes to do that trek as well and have all my own camping gear also. Are you going to be there for a few days before to acclimatize. I actually won’t get to Huaraz til the 24th, so I suppose it wouldn’t be til the 27th when I’d be happy to start the trek.

    I have been at altitude before and usually acclimatize pretty well. Let me know your thoughts and we can go from there.

    • Hi Aine! Would be great to do the trekking with you! Everything is perfect apart from the dates:( I will have to be back to Lima on 27th, as I am flying further on 28th.

      I will arrive to Huaraz on 20th. I am already well acclimatized after trekking to Machu Picchu and other hikes in Peru.

      Please let me know if you could be in Huaraz earlier. I believe this trekking can be done in less then 6 days (e.g. 5), but this means I will have to start it on 22nd at the latest. Please let me know:)


  2. Hi,
    I only arrive into Lima on the evening of 21st Jan, so next Thursday, and want the next day to get some food stuff and explore Barranco. So I wouldn’t be able to head out with you for the trek.

    Hope you have great time doing it and I’ll be in Huaraz when you finish, so it would be great to hear how you found it doing it by yourself, but also there will hopefully be others in Huaraz that hope to do it themselves.

    Have you decided what place to stay in Huaraz?


    • Hi! That’s a pity! If I won’t find company in Huaraz I will go with the agency, cause I need this trekking as to acclimatise before Aconcagua in February.

      Someone recommended me hostel called Churup (apparently great breakfasts:P) and I will probably stay there.

      Have a good trekking and good luck!