Peru, Machu Picchu, Salkantay Trekking


I am Kasia, a 28 year old backpacker form Poland. I have a gap year at work as a tax advisor. I am traveling around the US right now, and will be in Peru at the end of December.

After spending the New Year’s Eve in Cusco, I want to do a few day hike to Machu Picchu.
As I really like to hike a lot and I am looking for a budget options, I though about doing the Salcantay / Salkantay trail (5 days, quite high elevations, good stamina required) independently. It’s as beautiful as Inca Trail but does not have to be done with a guide.

I did a research online and it looks that many backpackers do it – it’s relatively easy to navigate (and I have a GPS), but requires good stamina and some hiking experience. There are detailed descriptions online if you want to check it.

Doing this trail with an agency costs around $ 235. Independently, it could be done 80-100$ cheaper = around 150$.
It requires some planning, but information is easily accessible and I’ve already done some research.

I would like to start the trekking around 3-7 January from Cusco.
I am looking for hiking companions. A group of 3-6 people would be great. We will have more fun and we could split the costs of transport and so on.

Please let me know if you are interested to join!

Take care,



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  1. Cześć Kasia,

    Are you still planning on doing this trek at the start of January? I have a week and half from December 30th to January 10th and was looking for a trek to do in South America.

    I’ve done EBC, Gokyo Lakes/Ri and the 3 Passes (from Jiri) trek in Nepal without a guide as a bit of background on my experience level.

    If you are still planning this and wouldn’t mind a canadian/polish (rozumiem więcej niż mówię) companion I’d be happy to see if we could work something out!



  2. Hej! Yes, I am definitely doing this trekking at the beginning of January. I will write you more in a message:)