Hi all!

I’ve been reading about the Cordillera Huayhuash in Peru, and I would love to trek the circuit. I’m looking for someone to share the planning and experience with. Currently planning to do the trek unguided, but open to discuss.

I’ll be in Colombia before the hike, and haven’t booked flights in/out of Peru yet – but I plan on flying in to Lima the 25th / 26th of March 2023. With acclimatization treks in Huaraz included, I plan to start the trek 2nd of April for 9-10 days. I do have flexibility to start the trek up to 5 days later 🙂

From Lima one needs to travel by bus to Huaraz, the nearest city for the start of the Huayhuash Circuit, which is possible with an overnight bus leaving daily from Lima.

Anyone interested?
I haven’t set a budget, but if we decide for the unguided option we should be able to keep it quite low.

I’m also open for other – preferably high altitude – treks in the same time frame in either Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador or Chile!

Looking forward to connecting 🙂

All the best from Germany,



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