Permit share Manaslu and Tsum valley

Hi folks,

I’ll be hiking Manaslu and Tsum valley in March, leaving Kathmandu on March 11th.

I have a well recommended guide and I’m looking for someone to share the restricted area permits.

Also open to a trekking partner if I think we’ll get on well.

I’m thinking of some side trips along the way so any trekking partner would need to be flexible about time.

So if you’re interested in the same trek, drop me a line.





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  1. Hey Phil,

    I am looking for a Person too to share a permit to Trekk Tsum Valley.

    For me it would be best if we could start a few days earlier, would that be fitting for you ?


    • Im planning on doing Manaslu circuit starting on 6th march. And looking for people to join the trek.
      If interested you can whatsapp me +9779851075028
      I live in Kathmandu so my dates are flexible

  2. Hi Jeremie,

    Unfortunately, I don’t arrive until March 9th and will need a day or two to organise myself so I think the earliest I could start is on the 11th.

    If that works for you then great.



    • I am sorry but unfortunately that won’t be possible for me.

      I wish you a wonderful Trekk and food luck in finding a Partner.


    • Thanks for the message Jeremie.. enjoy your trip

  3. Hi Phil, do you need a guide? I have just cancelled my Annapurna trek thus leaving my guide down. He is truly excellent ,safe,fun,. I can put you in touch with him directly if you wish.Let me know as I feel bad about letting him down. Jackie

  4. Hi Jackie,

    Thanks for the message. I’m sorry, but I’ve more or less decided on the guide at this point and there’s been a good bit of correspondence etc so can’t change now.

    Sorry about that,