Pathivara Devi Tour, Taplajung

Devi Pathibhara temple is located at 3,794 meters from sea level in Kanchenjunga Conservation area. It is most significant temple for Hindu and Kiratis who come with belief that Devi fulfills their dreams and wishes. Thousands of pilgrims from Nepal and India visit this temple for worshiping in special seasons. On the way to the top, we can see panoramic Kanchenjunga range, adjoining hills, tea-shops, which offers a unique trekking experience to the travelers.

During visit, we get special spiritual experience and get opportunity to know Limbu culture. Devi Pathibhara is also famous for Natural beauty, Red Panda and Rhododendron jungle. This tour includes Jhapa, Illam, Panchthar and Taplajung Districts, so we get diverse cultural experience and view of tea estate of Jhapa and Illam.

{UpComing trip is on the occasion of Shree Krishna Janma Astami so would be more suitable for a person with Hindu faith or someone who likes religious trip.}

Detail Itinerary:

Day 1: Early in the morning journey start from Kathmandu to Birtamode by Sumo jeep (10-11 hrs). Transfer to hotel – overnight stay in Birtamode.

Day 2: Birtamode to Taplajung bazaar. Including sightseeing in Kanyam tea estate, Illam. (10-11 hrs by Sumo jeep)

Day 3: Early transfer to Sano Phendi from Taplajung bazaar takes approx 2 hours, Sano Phendi to Devi Pathibhara Tempel hiking takes approx 4 hours. After Devi Pathibhara darsan trek back to Sano Phendi and drive to Taplajung bazaar- Over night stay in Taplajung bazaar.

Day 4: Breakfast- Taplajung Bazaar to Birtamode Jhapa- overnight stay in Birtamode.

Day 5: Departure transfer to onward journey.



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