Patagonia – Fitz Roy and Torres Del Paine

Looking for hiking partners for the W Circuit in Torres Del Paine and to hike Mt. Fitz Roy in Argentina. Dates are semi flexible and I’m fine with partners looking to join for just one hike. I’m fluent in German and English, so if you speak either of those languages that would certainly make things easier.




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  1. I’d love to join. want to do the W circuit( 5 days, 4 nights) for a while. plan to fly to Puerto Natales from Baltimore on March 15. Do you want to stay at Refugios? Not sure about the Mt. Fitz Roy. I heard it is hard to get a tourist visa. Will contact the embassy next week.

    I am a 23 years old female studying informatics. Don’t know how to speak German, hope you don’t mind.

  2. I’m a 23 year old conservation field biologist and I am planning to do the O circuit around Feb 8th….O circuit instead of W?! 😀

  3. Hi Anna, not sure how flexible you are with your dates. I will be doing the W circuit from April 2nd to 6th…unfortunately, I am not flexible on those dates. If you’d like to join me, that would be lovely!