Patagonia – 14 day hike/trek between 26th Oct – 13th Nov

Nothing Solidly planned as yet in terms of trails/regions – which is why i’d like to find interested people who will be in the Patagonia or plan to travel there at this time!

i’m arriving in Argentina at BA (EZE) on the 26th and want to spend a minimum of 14 days hiking/trekking thorugh the patagonia. ideally it would be at a moderate to Demanding level (if applicable, something on par with the ABC in nepal) would love to have a few more people on board to travel with & help plan this leg of the trip!

i am a photographer working on an ongoing photographic series comprising of Film photos of landscapes/mountainscapes.
At present i am readying myself for a show in august to exhibit photographs i took during my time along the ABC trail last year and hope to do the same with this trip. what this means really is that along the way i would be taking photographs and so frequent stops would ensue – however i can safely say this will likely not impact on travel time all too much.

Please contact me if you’re interested and we can discuss logistics in more detail.

all up i’ll be in Argentina/Patagonia from the 26th of October and departing on the 1st of December.

thanks all



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  1. Hello johnny.
    How are you?
    I am planning to travel Patagonia too.I like to spend 14 day hike there.Perhap you teach me to take photography .
    I am from to Costa Rica, I like outdoor adventur.
    Let me know if you have logistics detail.
    I think if we will visit Torres del paine and Fitz roy we do not need guide, but in torres del paine we need to booked the refugio in advance.
    Let me know what do you think.

    Juan Carlos

  2. Hi Juan,

    i hope it’s not too late – but i was hoping to work out the logistics of the trip now (i’ve just finished a project which was taking up quite a bit of my time but now i am able to plan the trek)

    let me know i fyou’re still interested and we can exchange contact details to discuss further!

  3. Moderator

    John, how did your photo exhibit go with your shots from Annapurna Base Camp? Are you showcasing them online anywhere?


  4. Hi Alex, the show went pretty well thanks! Here is my site
    This will take you to my Flickr page that has the photos I exhibited and pictures of a wooden lightbox I made and exhibited as well

    Cheers 🙂

  5. Will be interested to do these treks in Patagonia area too but from late November right into December if your dates change / if anyone else is interested (semi hijack) 🙂

  6. hi Jacqueline,
    i can joint with you ,when actually you will fly over to buenos ?
    greetings from ireland