partner for a 3-week Nepal trek, soon!

I am looking for a partner starting approx. July 20-21, for 12-26 good days. I am flexible on the destination, but will aim for low costs, high remoteness, and some strenuous parts if possible. I have no guide lined up, and hope to not need one. I have no guide lined up, and hope to not need one. Definitely comfortable going light, carrying my own food, using a map, and crossing snow/ice.

Open to anything from KBC to Humla 🙂 Particular favourites would be around Makalu Barun, the 3 cols, or Manaslu+Tsum. Teahouse or camping OK.

Let me know if you are up and around,

In case I cannot find anyone – what are some good places I will be allowed to go solo? The more remote the better. Alternatively, could someone recommend a local person (to hire) as a partner without a middle-man agency?

Thanks a lot!

United States


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  1. Hey Andrey, I am also a solo traveller from Mumbai and wanted to do 14-15 days trekk. But i was a bit skeptic as many people not recommend trekking during this period. Anyway i am willing to go if get some company. Will be dropping you a mail. you can also reach me on