I am travelling solo to India between October ’14 – Feb ’15.

Very much a nature lover, with keen interest in trekking, around the more physically challenging trails but also a bit of a culture vulture too. Would be interested in finding a partner(s) to join me on the journey for part or all of this leg of the adventure.

Here is my rough itinerary to give you a flavour. Please note this may change or condense slightly!

Region: Kashmir
– Sringaar – beautiful lush green landscapes & boating in Dal Lake*
– Leh.

Region: Himachal Pradesh
– Ladakh range – an oasis of peace
– Daramsala – distinctive Tibetan flavour
– Armitsar
– Shimla – Raj era ambience

Region: Golden Triangle
– Delhi
– Agra
– Bharatpur

Region: Rajasthan
– Udaipur – Lake city, 3-4 beautiful lakes
– Jaipur & Jodhpur* – Castles & Forts
– Bumanpura – amazing step temple
– Jaisalmer

Region: Uttar Pradesh
– Varanassi – cool place
– Lucknow

After that I will most likely head to Nepal for a tailored Annapurna trail.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



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  1. Hi, you cant travel Leh in Oct to Feb, its only open from June to Sept.
    In Oct there are high changes of getting stuck for days to weeks due to road blocks coz of ice.

    You are visiting all awesome places. I been to all of them. Let me know if you need any help 🙂 I love traveling too
    have a safe trip.

    • Hi Om,

      I’ve travelled to Leh a number of times during these months, so I’m not sure what you mean. It is colder in winter, for sure, but by no means off limits to the traveller.

  2. Hello Alex,

    Last year my friends visited in these months, shops and hotels were closed. Also Khardung La is a bit tricky place to go in October. It is thickly covered with snow in this time and military often closes the road to clear the snow. Even if you luckily reach Nubra, may be you cannot return back. Just get ltest updates about the road from local people.

    To visit Pangong Tso, you have to cross third highest motorable pass Chang La, which is also snow covered in this time, but I think that will be not a problem. But, in this case also, get latest updates.

  3. I have made couple of trips to Ladakh and I always keep myself posted with road updates, from DOW & BMCtouring webs

  4. Hi there!
    I have just begun researching a trip and am interested in the Kashmir and Himachal region in late October or early September for around 15 days.

    I had been to Kashmir before but did not have an opportunity to explore Leh and Ladakh. It is sort of a long time dream to cover whole of Kashmir and Himachal region that is somewhat known as a paradise on earth. I am interested in finding a couple of companions to share the experience. Professionally, I work for an IT company. I am an avid trekker, passionate nature lover, backpacker and believe I am up to the physical challenge of the trip. You description of travel style sounds perfect to me. As I said, I do enjoy the challenge, but want to take in and enjoy the scenery and the culture as well.

    Anyhow, I would like to hear more about what you have in mind, what inspires you to go to Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh ? What are you hoping from the trip? I like checking in with people a bit, since getting together means in some ways we rely on one another. Would love to hear back from you.

    Best Wishes,

  5. Helo Lucy,
    I can do part of it. UP & Rajasthan, then I head south-India for head for Sri Lanka. I would love do the rest, but I did it in 2011. So it won’t be fun to repeat it. I am also avid nature lover like you. I will trekking in Nepal after India/Sri Lanka. Lets stay in touch and work out detail when dates are closer.
    Best regards,

  6. I may also do the Dharamsala (been there) and Lahdak. I am Tibetan, so its good to see some of my heritage.

  7. Hi Lucy I’m a solo traveller also coming from the Uk. I’ll be heading to India from Nepal at the end of October so will be starting off in the North but having a very’go where the wind takes me’ attitude so not planned too much. Would be cool to do some together x

  8. Hi,
    I’m planning to do Roopkund trek between 11-18th Oct

    My plan is still flexible and I’m just looking to go “anywhere” as long as its a trek.

    Let me know if you’d be interested or have a better suggestion.

    – Prashant

  9. hey there i am a travel addict and yoga , meditation as well … its a long time since i have been on a tour ….. so i would really love if you allow me to join you as your travel partner …… i am much more adventurer … adventure sports is like in my soul … i love nature and its beauty ……. so please tell me if we could have a great time in this coming winter .. thanks dear

  10. We are from Mumbai and will be flying to Delhi on 4th we plan to cover himachal. Our itenary consists of parvati valley, dharamsala, ladakh(if weather permits). And various backpacking destinations like tosh, manala.

  11. I am planning Rajasthan around 1st week of Jan onwards. If your plans match, please write back.