North India trekking from May to mid July 2014

Namaste, Hello,

I’m a 21 years old Canadian man who is looking for some trekking friends for my upcoming trip in North India. I recently trekked for a month in Nepal and I’m excited to do it again in the Indian Himalayas. I’m an open-minded traveler who would like to share this experience with anyone for safety reasons because I intend to do an independent trek from homestay to homestay.

I’m arriving in Delhi on May 2nd and I’m leaving on July 17th so my dates are flexible as long as they are within this two months and a half range.

I was hoping to do the Across Zanskar Trek which is supposed to take 16-20 days to complete. They say it is one of the best treks in Ladakh. It has everything diverse scenery, from high mountain passes to narrow gorges, beautiful villages, spectacularly situated monasteries, and the homestays are warm and authentic.

I’m open to any other suggestions concerning trekking routes in North India so don’t hesitate to contact me if this experience is of interest to you. I’m looking forward to hearing from you fellow world traveler 🙂




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  1. Hey Alexandre,

    I am planning somewhat similar in June, but cant say for 16-20 days as I am sure that I wont get such huge gap from work 🙁
    .I think the one which you are talking about is Markha valley trek in Zanskar and no doubts thats one of the most beautiful treks to do.
    Let me think on this. Cheers

  2. And yes one more thing, if you are comparing tea-house treks in Nepal Himalayas with Indian Himalayas, then things won’t go accordingly(trust me). Its very different from Nepal. Except to name a few famous treks in here.

  3. Could you please explain the differences between tea-houses treks in Nepal Himalayas and Indian Himalayas. I would appreciate this information. Thanks. And I’m always interested in joining other people so you are welcome in this journey.

  4. Hey Alexandre,

    Indian trekking is superb, wild and not as established as nepal trekking ( say everest, langtang , etc). In nepal you would find accommodation facilities at many places like homestay or teahouse,, but in India its different, One need to carry tent, cooking equipments and food materials. You may find few houses on trail, govt. guest houses, but that depends on season, as they migrate to lower altitude in winter season. This is real trekking ( old style). In Nepal, tea houses are funded by government to encourage tourists from all over the world and nothing as such in India.

    In Simple words, tea house treks – One need not have to carry tents, foods, porters, etc along. In India , there are few tea house treks which is well established but in few numbers.


  5. Across Zanskar – Lamayuru – Pad um – Darcha can be done as a tea house trek, by way of home stays in villages and tea tents at a couple of places. Markham valley is another popular home stay trek. If you are looking for more remote/challenging treks I can give some ideas.

  6. I will find the trek that is best for me once I get to India and hopefully find a fellow trekker to come along with me. Thank you both for you help, greatly appreciated!
    Best wishes for 2014.

  7. Hi! I will be travelling in India March-May 2014 and hope to trek in Ladakh in May before leaving, I also want to trek independently but probably not solo for safety reasons. My Indian visa expires May 19 so I won’t have time to do the Zanskar trek as I’ll need to leave few days before this to catch flight out of Srinagar to my next destination.
    I am looking into the Markha trek (5-8 days) if you’d possibly be interested in doing this?

  8. Heya Ema,
    I also want to trek independently with at least a trekking friend so it would be great to pair up with you. The Markha trek looks like a nice one so I’m definitely interested in doing it with you.
    I arrive in New Delhi on May 2nd but I don’t plan on staying in the city for too long and hope to head to the north in Ladakh shortly after. We could then meet and plan this trek.
    Let me know.
    All the best 🙂

  9. If you are interested in doing some unknown passes like > chobia/drati in the pir panjal – in june, let me know. It is a shepherd trail and difficult passes to cross due to the geography of pir panjal himalayas.

  10. Hi there,
    I´m going to be in India by May, might gonna go to Nepal first, but I look forward to be in north west India in June. Would be nice to join for a trek anywhere up there.
    Let´s keep in touch!

  11. hy i was in laddakh and live in himachal ma number 8053863367 n 9817834916 . wanna do it again

  12. I am interested in rally of flowers in July2014.its the peak time
    to visit the vally of flower.i have done it once,it doesn’t need special requ irements.need someone to share the trek and company of course.

  13. Valley of Flowers trek sounds great ! I will probably head over there at the start of July.

  14. Hi Alexandre,
    I would start from Mumbai,If you confirm the dates i shall do my needful bookings.

  15. Hi I’m planning to the great Himalayan national park trek to tirthan valley in may second half. I’d be in Delhi on may 14 and leave on the same day to himachal by road. Let me know if this may suit your plan. As of now I’m on my own but 1/2 frnds may join

  16. Thanks a lot.
    It wont be possible for me before July 2nd week.
    any thing in July is welcome.

  17. Markha Valley trek sounds amazing. If you check the trip I posted recently, it’s Kashmir area in June. But I’m also willing to change my plans to do the Markha Valley trek.

    I’m interested in trekking from near the beginning of June to the end of June (I have about 20 days). In that time I could join you for Markha Valley, or you could consider the Kashmir trek ideas I’ve posted, which would also be stunning treks.

  18. Hi Alexandre
    I plan to visit ladakh region from may 11th to may 26th, trek as per available routes. if you’re still planning a route, hit me up !

  19. Hello guys. I am going to be in Ladakh/Kashmir from 01 June. I am interested in joining any trek really. I think I would prefer Ladakh as it is possible to do ‘teahouse’ treks there staying in homestays and tea tents. This would cut costs alot. Markha valley is a 7 day trek and is most popular in Ladakh. Am also interested in doing a more challenging trek if costs are reasonable. Has anyone made further plans since April?