Nicholson (Abandoned Ghost Town) (21 Hour Hike One Way – Remote Location)


I am looking for a hiking partner(s) to go visit a Ghost Town in Ontario, the location is remote and only accessible by boat or a 21 hour hike, since i don’t have a boat, i have to hike.

The town was abandoned long ago, and the last residents moved out in 1970.

The plan is to meet somewhere, preferably Toronto, drive to the location which is ~11 hour drive, and then hike to the location.

After reaching the location, i would like to explore it and sleep overnight and then return.

I believe the location has no cellular reception, so we will be out of humanity’s reach for at least 2 days.

I was hoping to be able to find someone and leave this Friday and return Monday.

I’m not if it’s usual in here, but you will need to bring something for your protection, as bears might roam the area, a gun or combat knife is recommended.

Who’s up for some serious adventure?



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