Nepal whitewater rafting


So this is outside the trekking scope, but with no other place to post I figured I’d say something here.

Through the help of a good napali friend and some right time right people alignments, I have found myself planning a budget trip down the karnali river. If you want to experience some of Nepal’s best whitewater this could be your chance. Right now there is one or two safety kayakers then me and another guy R2 ing a boat with a possible gear boat in the mix. If you are an expert kayaker and want to join, perfect! Cost there should be around 300usd. If you want to paddle a raft and can convince at least 2-3 others to join you, then cost would be around 600usd per person. The more the merrier!

This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity since this majestic river is in the process of being dammed. See it before it’s gone!

Trip length: 6-10 days

Difficulty: class 5

Departure: November 18th, 2014



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  1. Moderator

    Aaron, are you guys set for the 18th or is the date flexible?

    • Hi Alex,

      I am checking the transportation reservation today, if it is confirmed then date is fixed.

      With the late notice, I figured this was a long shot – never hurts to try though.

    • Doesn’t hurt at all. Drop us a line when you’re back – would be curious to hear how the adventure goes…