Nepal Tsum Manaslu lodge trek from September

Hi all,
A travel companion of mine, Hans from Switzerland, booked his lodge trekking tour to Tsum Valley & Manaslu from 20th September to 15th October and is looking for one or more trekking partners as two foreigners is necessary to get the permits. I know the agency he’s going with quite well as they arranged several trekking trips for me in Nepal and to Tibet, where I was with Hans. The price is reasonable. If anyone is interested, please let me know.



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  1. Hi, I wish to do the same circuit but in the latter half of November. I may not be able to do it with your travel friend, but it will be great if you cab share the agency details. Would help me plan the trek.


    • Hi Aashna
      You can find Adventure Glacier Treks at and contact Dil Sapkota He guided me 4 times in Nepal and it was very good. I did the Tsum / Manaslu trek last year starting end of September and advise you to include Tsum by any means. Second half of November is late though, not sure you can cross the Larkhye pass because of snow.
      Good luck

  2. Hi guys..I’m arriving in Kathmandu on this Sunday (15th Sept). I haven’t decided on a particular route or stretch yet. I’m more of coming with an open mind and looking for some good company. After all, Its the journey not the destination, rite? Lemme know if any of you wanna join up..