Nepal Trekking Buddies

Arriving in Nepal Early September through to end of November, looking for like minded keen adventurers who want to explore Nepal.
Thinking of doing the Annapurna circuit, Langtang Valley, and anything else that looks good, maybe something a bit more off the beaten track.
Would love to hear from you if you are interested in joining or have some plans that could work.

New Zealand


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  1. Hi, I am interested if you are planning something for November. I will not be able to come to Nepal until after the first week of the month though…. so let me know if you will be out trekking then as well!
    I am flexible with routes!

    • Hey Susanna, I will still be trekking then, not to sure where exactly but keep in touch and I will let you know!

  2. Hi … I will be in nepal in first week of october and we are planning upper dolpo but if will be too expensive , we might plan trek around everest region ” GHT – Everest to Rolwaling Traverse via Cho La (5420 m) & Tashi Labsta (5755 m) ” .

    Its a good trek and after Kalapthar goes more interesting in my view point .

    However if there is something more interesting i will be happy to pool in.


  3. Hey Maddy, I’m looking at arriveing in Kathmandu first week of Sept, what date would you arrive and would you be keen to head off on a trek asap? I would be in Nepal for only a couple of weeks and want to do a sweet max. 7 day walk while there.

    • Hey Emma
      I will be available to hike from around the 15th of September, does that work at all with your schedule?

  4. Hey Maddy. your trip sounds good- i wish i had longer off work!!!……i was in nepal last year and am going back in early september for some trekking (hoping to arrive in KTM 1st of Sept and hoping to do ABC)…… Let me know if this fits in with your schedule! 🙂

    • Hey Louise
      I wont be avaible until the 15th of September so don’t think that will quite fit with your schedule?

  5. Hi Maddy, I’m arriving in Nepal October 5th . I’m also open about which trek, although I did the Manaslu circuit last year (which was incredible!) – was thinking EBC, ABC or Langtang Valley, though looking to pair up with someone or join a group. Let me know if you’re interested.

    • Hey Richard
      Yes i could be keen on joining you for the Langtang Valley or similar.
      I am doing some more research over the next few weeks, keep in touch as your plans evolve!!

  6. Hi Maddy,
    I arrive in Nepal on September 25th and leave October 19th. It looks like it would take around 18 days or so. I think I could be ready to hike or leave for the trek either the 26th or 27th. I am really interested in doing the Manasalu circuit and would like to find someone to do it with. I believe that I would need to find at least one other person to do it with and then hire a porter due to the regulations. If you are interested, please let me know. Best- Jonna

  7. Hey Maddy, damn, think I’ll be heading off earlier than the 15th. Enjoy your adventures! I can’t wait 🙂 I’m totally wondering how different or similar the mountains in Nepal are going to be to in NZ.

  8. Hello All,
    We are already here and exploring. Kinda stopped due to the rain out here. Will be on the move soon once the weather starts to clear. Check out the link and get in touch.

  9. Hi Maddy,
    So I am arriving in Kathamandu on September 10th alone, and am looking for trekking buddies for either EBC, or the Langtang region, open to ideas really. I don’t really want to join an ‘organised’ tour as such, as i’ve heard EBC and Anna are doable without guides. I am around for about a month I think! Let me know if this could work for you.

    • Hi Maddy and maymay above. A friend and I arrive in Kathmandu on the 13th of Sept from Tibet. After a day or two sorting permits and exploring Kathmandu we are keen to head into the Langtang area. We need to be back in Kathmandu by the 1st of October to meet someone so we have a little over two weeks. Would be keen to arrange a guide to join as it can add so much to the experience. Let me know if you are interested in joining up for the Langtang trek. Thanks.

  10. Hi guys..I’m arriving in Kathmandu on this Sunday (15th Sept). I haven’t decided on a particular route or stretch yet. I’m more of coming with an open mind and looking for some good company. After all, Its the journey not the destination, rite? Lemme know if any of you wanna join up..

  11. Hello! I’m planning on hiking Annapurna Sanctuary – fly to Kathmandu, bus to Pokhara, find a buddy (hiring a guide/porter optional) and go! Dates – 20ish of October – beginning of November 2018.
    Let me know if anyone is interested 🙂