Nepal Trekking and/or Climbing (September 26 to October 20)

I am looking for trekking and/or climbing partners for an extended trip between September 26 to October 20. Dates are not flexible.

I would prefer to do a moderately difficult back-country trek (Manaslu, Mustang, 3 Passes, etc.) or bag a peak (Island Peak, Mera Peak, etc.). I would also like to do some bouldering or roped rock climbing on the side. I would prefer partners with previous expedition, rock climbing, and alpine experience.

Objectives will be dependent on group interest and capability.

Although I haven’t been able to practice much recently, I have previous high-altitude mountaineering experience, expedition experience, rock climbing experience, and alpine climbing experience.

Potential Treks:
Potential Peaks:




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  1. Hey there!

    I would be interested to join for a part of this as I have only 15 days. So is the route/treks finalized? I have done the Everest Base Camp trek and few other Himalayan treks before. So the Mera Peak or any other route I would be keen on. Let me know the details in case it’s finalized.

    • Nothing is finalized yet. Still open to suggestions. If you can meet in Katmandu later today or early tomorrow, let me know the time and place.

      If I cannot find a partner in Katmandu, I will likely fly to Lukla for the three passes trek.