Nepal – specifics TBD

I am doing a 5 month solo SE Asia Trip that started Jan 7, 2015. I have been enjoying India so far (am as of writing this in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh) and look to be in Katmandu around February 9-10.

I will then be trekking around Nepal for ~4 weeks or until ~March 10.

I am looking for one (or multiple) trekking partner(s) for at least part of my stay in Nepal.

About Me:
I am a 22 year old Electrical Engineering student from Alaska. I was a HS exchange student for 11 months in Argentina and spent 6 weeks in Istanbul. I am very comfortable travelling in foreign lands, but have no SE Asia experience (yet).

I am going to try and do some ‘couch-surfing’ as well as stay with SERVAS hosts for some of the time I am in Nepal.

Budget: Shoestring, but may occupationally splurge.



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  1. Hi Mark,
    M sarita from India. M planning to do the EBC trek in Feb, let me know if you are interested

  2. Yo, I’m currently living in Pokhara (at the base of Annapurna region). I’m likely going do be doing the Annapurna Circuit leaving after 22/01/15. It should be quite cold so I assume an Alaskan will be right at home!

    If you’d like to join, flick me a message.

  3. Hi!

    I saw your Trekking post and thought I’d ask- seeing as you seem flexible …

    I’m in Kathmandu now and hoping to find some companions for the ’ three passes trek’. I have met with a really reliable guide and he says it is going to be challenging but the pass is open.
    Would you be up for the challenge?
    The guide cost is $20 per day. So we would split that @ $10 each. Cheaper if we get more people…,

    There are various routes we can take to fit into your time frame.

    Let me know if you’re interested and we can talk some more. It’s set to be an incredible trip!

    Cheers, josh