Nepal Manaslu late August

I’m planning on a trek preferably the Manaslu circuit anytime between august 18th and September4th, although I am open to other treks. I did the annapurna circuit a few years ago and am biking ebc from Sep 5th,but would love a challenging and interest trek before that. If anybody fancies joining up,post me!



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  1. Hi Laura,
    I arrive in Kathmandu on 14th AUG but only staying until 26th. I’m up for a challenge and open to any route… just wanted a long and hard trekking experience during my stay. I recently did one day rim-to-rim Grand Canyon challenge, and backpacked around Yellowstone and Grand Teton for 2-weeks, logging over 250 miles… So, if you are up for it, I could join you a part of the way.