Nepal / Manaslu Circuit Trek

Planning to be there for November,
looking for groups to join for trekking (up to ~3 weeks),
with side trips to see places along the way and/or climb a trekking peak.

Also plan some shorter hikes and cultural-focused tours and activities, possibly biking, and various sightseeing if people want to hang out with another English-speaking westerner..

I am up for pretty much anything 🙂



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  1. I am planning to commence trek annapurna circuit in first week of november independently. Trying to make a small group wana do it in a group of 3-5 people. we are already 2. If you want to join i would be clad please let me know.

  2. Hi Wayne, I’m going to be doing a poon hill trek. I will be going Tikhedunga, Poon Hill, Ghandruk and then back to Pokhara. I am starting from Pokhara on the 10th November. I have no guide but I have read it is not essential. The trek is short, 4 days/3 nights.

  3. Hi Wayne, might you be up to share costs & plans to go on the Tsum valley trek starting from 17.11. and returning (latest) on the 2.12. (or alternatively Manaslu circuit trek (within the same time). If so, let me know! cheers, Maja

  4. Hi Wayne, I am planning a trek to Tsum valley like this:

    day1) From Kathmandu drive to Arughat Bazaar (760m) by bus
    (7-­‐8 hrs) and trek to Arkhet Bazar (2 hrs)
    day2) Arkhet Bazar to Machha Khola(990m) (6hrs)
    day 3):Machha Khola to Zagat (1410m) (6 hrs)
    day 4) Zagat to Lokpa (2040m) (6-­7 hrs)
    day 5) Lokpa to Gho(Lower Tsum) (2360m) (4­‐5 hrs)
    day 6) Gho to Rachen Gonba (upper Tsum)(3240m), visit Milarepa Piren Phu Cave on the way (6-­‐7hrs)
    day 7) Rachen Gomba to Mu Gompa (3700 m), visit Dhephudonma Gompa (4060 m) (6 hrs)
    day 8) Mu Gompa to Chokangpar (3219m), visit Gongye Gompa (Nyigma-­‐pa Buddhist sect) (6 hrs)
    day 9) Chokangpar to Gho (2440m) (6 hrs)
    day 10) Dumje to Gumba Lungtang (3200m) (5 hrs)
    day 11) Gumba Lungtang to Repchet (2468m) (5-‐6 hrs)
    day 12) Repchet to Philim (1596m) (5‐6 hrs)
    day 13) Philim to Tatopani (975m) (7hrs)
    day 14) Tatopani to Labubesi (880m) (6-­7hrs)
    day 15) Labubesi to Arughat Bazaar (535m)
    day 16) Arughat Bazaar to Kathmandu

    Let me know if that could be an option for you! I am right now looking for one or more trekking partners to do this trip with.

    Best, Maja

    • I decided to go on the Goyko trek with another guy here until nov27 approximately. I could go for another short trek after than maybe 5-6days cultural.

      Please use this forum page to contact other travellers who havereplied. Tjitse aslo wants to Manaslu Tsum. Let me know if you need guide names i have a couple.

  5. Hello Wayne, I’m going to arrive on Katmandu the 19th of november and begin the annapurna circuit the 20th! (more description on my profil!)
    If you want to join me, please let me know!

    • Hi you will have to talk to others as I changed and will go to Goyko. Plenty more are interested though if you look up the others who have replied to ManasluTsum pages. I know a couple guide names if you need that let me know.

    • Ill be back to KTM about nov27 approximately if you are around then for another trek or trips to sights around KTM or Pokhara (rafting en route to Pokhara sounds fun)