Nepal. Gokyo or Langtang Valley

I’m going to be in Nepal from 14th till 28th of February. Planning to do trek in Langtang or to Gokyo Ri (although I’m not sure if I have enough time for the second option). If you consider one of those, please let me know.

It’s my first time in Nepal but I did many treks in Georgia, Armenia and Russian Caucasus and also some horseback riding in mountains of Northern Sichuan in China and in Kyrgyzstan.

I’m open and easy going. Often smiling 🙂



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    Hi Olga,

    A little off-topic, but how’d you like travelling in Central Asia? Would you recommend it?

    • I love Central Asia! If you like huge spaces, beautiful mountains, strange cultural mix (Islam + remains of Soviet Union), the feeling that every day is unpredictable – you will like it too. It’s good to speak some Russian if you travel there. People there are very warm – hearted. Be prepared to drink a lot of vodka if you want to party with them.

    • Thanks for the info. I’ve been interested in Central Asia for a long time given how remote and unknown it is. Few people go there. Hope to get there one day 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I am looking for a trek in Nepal coinciding with your start date. If it’s fine with you on having me onboard, I would be glad to join you.


    • Hi Jagan,
      check your mailbox!

  3. Ditto, I’m arriving Nepal 12FEB and would love to meet some people and do some Trekking. My first time in Nepal as well, but it sounds like tons of fun.

  4. Hey Olga,
    I arrived in kathmandu yesterday and looking to join along with other trekkers for the langtang valley trek. I got the 3 month visa so my time frame is very flexible, it’ll be my first time doing a big trek so i think langtang will be a good start : )


  5. Hi!
    I’m in Kathmandu at the moment, just back from Chitwan and keen to get out of the city again and head up to Langtang next week. My plans for the next 2 weeks are really flexible so it would be great to join you group.

  6. Hi Olga,
    is your trip still planned?
    I will already start going to Shyapru by the 15th to do the Langtang trek. Not sure if I do the 10 or 14 day version, I will decide that one the way then.
    My plan was to catch up with some people on the road.
    My Nepali number is 9818811274. Not sure if you can add me with this on Whatsapp but if you send me a text message I can add you.
    Hope to hear from you