Nepal EBC three passes

Trekking EBC and Three high passes. Starting from jiri and itinerary is about 24 days.
Arriving in Kathmandu on December 24 starting the trek about the 28th or am flexible.
Have trekked in Nepal before Annapurna in winter.
All welcome no guides just independent and no rush 🏔



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  1. Hello Jason! I´m planning my trip to Nepal, would like to chat with you!

    • Hi Aly
      I am from Australia and arrive in Nepal on December 24.
      I have 8 weeks off work to wander through the Himalayas and am going to India as well.

  2. Hey Jason,
    I could be interested.
    I arrive in KTD on the 1st November, I’m doing the ABC trek on the 4th with guide and porter as it’s my first time, I’m keen to do other treks with like-minded folk. I’m interested in keeping it cheap, I plan to travel for as long as possible. I’m a photographer, so can capture some great images:)

  3. Hello Jason!
    I’m eager to go to Nepal at a similiar time, my exact destination is still unclear, would really like to have a chat with you!
    Kind Regards

  4. Hello Jason
    I was plannig to come back from Pokhara end of December and do this trek and I would like to join someone who is also going there. Let me know if you are still looking for someone to do this trek.

    • Hi Delphine.
      Yes definitely keen for some one to trek with.
      I arrive in Kathmandu on the evening of December 24. Hope to hear back from you soon to go on this amazing adventure!

  5. I will be doing the three losses trek solo around that time too. Possibly starting around the 29th

  6. Hi! I am now changing my plan in Nepal and would like to start a trek. I know that I am very late to contact you but if it’s still time for me to join you please contact me, I am very flexible! I am now close to Pokhara. Thank you so much!

    • Hi thanks for your message, we have started today and left Kathmandu and are now in jiri heading to Shivalaya tomorrow. Sorry I hope you find someone and have a great trek