Nepal, destination still unknown


Going to Nepal from 9-23rd April.

Looking to do challenging trek or climb, around 10-13 days. Manaslu is my main option (or ACT) but also open to other options including peak climbs. Since I have limited time, I am looking for someone who enjoys quite challenging hikes and moderate/high pace.

I have previous experience from hiking in Himalaya and climbing experience, but limited high altitude climbing.

Looking for 1-3 partners to join the trek and share the fun and costs.

Contact me if you have similar plans, either if you are a group and looking for additional people or a solo traveler.




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  1. Hey check out my trek its a bit longer but should be amazing.

  2. Hi vlad
    I am also thinking of doing Manaslu circuit I arrive in Kathmandu April 11 and can head out on April 12. Let me know if this suits your plans.

  3. I am also looking to leave on April 10-12 and hike towards Tsum. I plan to be back around the 22nd! The trek route requires at least two people plus a guide so message me if you think we can make this work! I’m quite fast and don’t mind challenging hikes. I will be staying in upper Kerauja on the way to Tsum for a few days but you could just break off onto the Tsum valley and come back by the time I’m done staying there (for some research).

  4. Hello Vlad and group.

    My name is Alex and I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on April 5th. Was hoping to join a group on the manaslu trek to bring down the cost of the trip if a guide is needed.

    I have previous trekking experience and am flexible on dates to make the circuit happen.

    If that sounds good message me and we can all get together to work out the logistics.



  5. Hi Taylor. We are leaving kathmandu on April 13 ,can’t do it any earlier than that. we plan to stay only a few days in tsum and then continue around manaslu. If this is good for you I can send more details on our planned route.

  6. Hi both,

    Since I need to be back in Kathmandu on the 22nd to catch my flight I need to leave on the 10th. Have been looking for a good group for a while but with no success. Also, the quotes I got were quite pricy around 1700USD per person. Are you guys in contact with any guide/agency for this? As i will be leaving for Kathmandu pretty soon I dont have many days to decide.


  7. Are any of you in contact with a guide or agency? I might still me up to do the Manaslu but need to know pretty soon I guess. Do you have any groups gping already and want to share cost of guide?

    / Vlad

  8. Hello Vlad, Ayelet and Taylor.

    I’m currently in Kathmandu meeting with agencies today. Ayelet I may be interested in joining your group to save on cost, though I was hoping to leave a few days earlier. Are you in contact with a guide already? Also Vlad Taylor maybe it makes sense to meet in Kathmandu to negotiate and meet guides in person? The sense I get is that the permit is obtainable within a day. Let me know what you all think.

    • I met several agencies today that have given me a range of 600-1250 for a single person. The group that I have a good feeling with has quoted me 20 days including a fake permit for 780. If we were to share the cost of the guide and pay for one permit, for two people the price would be 480 pax with out food and accommodation. I was hoping to leave around the 9th and then I would break off in dharapani and continue solo on the Annapurna. Let me know if this sounds like it would work for anyone.

    • Hey vlad an others :)! I’m in kathmandu right now and would love to join you to do the manaslu circuit! I’m flexible with the departure date but would love to leave as soon as possible! So maybe we can meet up in thamel soon and talk about it?

  9. Hey vlad! I’m in kathmandu right now and would love to do the manaslu circuit! I’m flexible with the departure date but would love to leave as soon as possible! So maybe we can meet up in thamel soon and talk about it? Would be happy if you reply!

  10. Hey,
    Im coming to Kathmandu tomorrow and living in Thamel. My plan right now is to leave solo for the ACT on sunday morning after I fix my ACAP and TIMS tomorrow. However, if there is a group going to Manaslu leaving on Sunday or latest Monday I could be interested. Happy to meet up in Thamel over a coffe to discuss. Send me a mail at