Nepal-Arun Valley Trek or other

The plan for now is to trek the Arun Valley trek in the Everest Region. The trek starts by flying to Tumlingtar then trekking to Lukla. Since I’ve had the misfortune of being stuck in Lukla before, due to bad weather and canceled flights, I am planning on trekking in the opposite direction. The plan is to trek for 11 to 13 days. One important note: The Arun Valley trail is a good trek for winter time that can usually be done in poor weather. If the long range weather forecast looks good we may decide to do another trek. I am primarily looking for fun people to walk with in the beautiful country of Nepal! As of now there are 2 other people interested in this trek. About me: I’m experienced at trekking and light mountain climbing. This will be my tenth trek in Nepal and my twelfth trek in the Himalayas. The price quoted could be reduced if enough people join.



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  1. Are you available now

  2. Not quite. I should be in Kathmandu in 2 days, on 5 January. Are you interested in the trek?