Nepal Annapurna

Hi all,

In November I am heading to hike the Annapurna circuit for about 20 days. It would be cool if someone is interested to join. As I just started planning, I have not thought out my entire trip yet, which also means I’m totally flexible. I am 24 years old and wanted to go on some epic hiking in Nepal before starting in job in January. If you are interested to hike along for the whole or parts of the trip, feel free to join! (I’m not entirely sure about the budget, but I think everyone can chose what he or she likes to spend)




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  1. Hi Paul,

    I’ll be arriving in ktm on the 23rd Nov and plan to start the annapurna circuit within a couple of days. are your date flexible enough to start around the 25/26th?

  2. Hi, I just booked my flight and it seems like I will be starting my trip either on sunday the 15th or monday the 16th. Unfortunately I dont have the possibility of waiting another week for the start of my hike 🙂

  3. Hi Paul,
    I’am interessted to come with you. The date of the 16th is ok for me.

  4. Hi Friedemann,

    That sound awesome! Would you be able to meet up in Kathmandu before departure? Maybe it is best if you added me on facebook, so we can chat there. You can probably find me if you search for Paul Huijbrecht.

  5. Hey Paul,
    just sent you a message on Facebook– I’m interested in starting Annapurna circuit tomorrow or the next day (arriving to KTM tonight); let me know if you have space for another!