Nepal Annapurna Circuit Trek


I like to make the Annapruna Cirucuit. I’d like to start at Besisahar and go to Pokhara. I will arrive at September 17. and will depart at October 14. Between this time i’d like to do the AC-Trek. I think about 20 +/-2 days for the trek. Maybe we can also go to the Tilicho Lake if we have enough time.
My Person: I’am 22 years, german and I’m student of engineering. I go a lot of trekking, hiking, climbing, and all sport activities.
Let me know if you’re are interessted and you’d like to have more informations about me and the vacation 😉



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  1. Hello Jochen,

    I am also trying to finalize my Annapurna Circuit plans. I can depart for the trek between September 17th and 24th. There are a few other trekkers I’ve been talking to looking to start the 24th, but I was leaning towards starting earlier. If I started earlier I would have more time to do a side trip like Tilicho Lake, or maybe visit Annapurna base camp after completing the circuit.

    Check out my own trip post for more details. I am planning to mountain bike the stretch from Muktinath to Tatopani as it sounds quite fun. Let me know if you’d be interested in starting in the 17th to 19th time frame. I will be in Pokhara by the 15th or 16th at the latest exploring the area so I am somewhat flexible on when I start the trek.


    • Hey Josh,

      I read your plans and they sounds great! Yeah, I also like to start on 19th or 20th of September. The mountain bike plans sound great. I will check it on the map the next days. I going to mountaineer the next days in the Alps so I answer you at the end of the week. Hope it’s okay?


  2. I am leaving in few weeks to go to Nepal . I like to do part of Annapurna trek. Maybe up to Ghorepani . I think it might be too wet to go up there this time of year. Instead I will go up to Sarangkot and Dhampus and trip around pokhara. I am Nepali living in Sydney . I have been in Sydney for last 14 years. But I do know a lot about my mother land. Let me know if any one going soon???

  3. Jochen,

    No worries if you’re off the grid for a while, I’m not the best at checking this site regularly myself. Starting around the 19th/20th should definitely work for me. Let me know when you get back and we can discuss some more.


    • Josh,

      so now I’m back. So to start at the 20th of September will be very good for me! From which point do you like to start? vom Besi Sahar?
      The plan with the mountain bike sounds great! But i’m not that good in downhill biking, but i read thats not that difficult? Isn’t it?
      So we also can save time and maybe can go to the Tilicho Lake or to the Annapurna Base Camp. I’d like to go back to Kathmandu latest on the 13th of October. Better on the 12th of October. So we have 22 days. I think thats enough time, what do you think?

  4. Hey Jochen,

    I will be in Pokhara beginning on the 15th, so I’m somewhat flexible on what day and where we start. We can either meet in Pokhara or Besi Sahar. I was planning to take the bus or a jeep up a bit further from Besi Sahar, as a lot of the “trail” at the beginning is just the road. I’m also open to walking this section if you would prefer.

    As far as mountain biking goes I am not an expert myself. It’s been a few years since I’ve mountain biked but from what I’ve read as long as you’re comfortable on a bike it should be good. I’ll get an email out to the bike rental company for some more details this week.

    I’d like to be back in Kathmandu by the 11th or 12th myself. I don’t have a fixed date but need to be on my way to Lukla around then if I’m going to complete some of the other trekking I’d like to do.

    I’ve sketched out a 17 day itenerary that would include going to Annapurna base camp. In theory we could do Tilcho lake as well, but I don’t want to be too rushed. Next week I should have some time to do some more research and see if it’s feasible without rushing. Do you have a strong preference for Tilcho vs Annapurna basecamp if we only do one?


    • Hey Josh,

      so start at the 20th of September will be perfect for me! To be back at the 11th or 12th of October will be perfect too!
      Sounds good! I think if we walk from Besi Sahar we need 11-12 days to stay in Muktinath without visit Tilicho Lake.
      How many days do we need from Muktinath to Tatopani with the mountain bike?
      I think if we walk we will need 5-6 days?

      I think Tilicho Lake and Annapurna basecamp are not both possible. I don’t have any preference so we can visit the place you want. Whats your Favorit to visit?

      The time will be perfect without rushing if we faster with the mountain bike from Muktinath to Tatopani, and maybe we can drive the distance from Besi Sahar to Dharapani with bus/jeep or some other place?

      So theres enough time.


  5. Hello Jochen,

    I’ll send you a message on here with my email address so we have another way to get in contact.

    I think I’d prefer to go to Annapurna base camp over Tilcho lake if thats ok with you. We can figure out the bus/jeep past besi sahar out once where there. Even if we just caught a ride to Ghermu or Tal that would be good. If we can’t find a jeep we can always walk haha!

    The mountain bike ride from Muktinath to Tatopani only takes 2 days, so this will definitely save us some time. We can either take out time heading to base camp or find some side trips perhaps.


  6. Hi Jochen

    Are your plans all set with Josh?
    Just wondering if there are still any chances in joining as I am also aiming to the the circuit on the 19th or 20th.


  7. Hey Filipe,

    I have writing all things with Josh. We will start from Besi Sahar at the 20th of September and we will meet up there. I think it is possible to join us if you like?
    I will arrive Kathmandu on the 17th of September, stay there for two days and take the Bus to Besi Sahar.


  8. Hello jochen, i read what you planed for your trip and i’m very interested because i would lIke do a trek around annapurna. I will arrive 13 september in katmandou and i want to stay several days before going to pokhara. Is there some place in your group? Thanks. Fanny

    • Hi guys does anyone wants to start Annapurna circuit tomorrow (16th)? My plan is to take a bus from Kathmandu to BesiSahar and walk to Khundi (2hrs) and stay there overnight. Please email me if you are interested ( Namaste

  9. Namaste! I’m planning to do the circuit in few days. Are you still going these days? I’m going alone and I’m looking for people to share it! If you are going on 20th will be perfect for me 🙂