Nepal Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi there,
I am arriving in Kathmandu on October 17th until 4th November and I´m looking to head to the Annapurna circuit as it looks like awesome fun. I´m not overly experienced but are young, fit and enthusiastic.

I will be traveling travelling since September and as a result, I´ll have not much cash but plenty of anecdotes to make up for it. 😉

I plan to make a reasonably relaxed pace to combat altitude/fatigue issues and to enjoy each area and landscape we pass.

Looking forward to meeting new people and share the experience! So feel free to contact me if you would be around or ideally on the route at the same time.



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  1. Hello, David.
    Are your dates solid?
    What is your precise plan?

    • Hi there!
      Yes we have the fly tickets already, at the moment we are one Indian guy, one Italian girl and me. Give me your e-mail and I can send u the itinerary if u want 😉

    • Done! Check your private message, pls

  2. Hi David,
    Can you share your itinerary with me as well?
    i am also looking for a trekking buddy. Doing the AC for the first time


  3. Hi there,
    my Name is Luis and I am 19 years old from germany. Just Like you i am courious about trekKing the annapurna circuit. Your idea Sounds just like my Plan of the trip. As I am looking for a trekkingpartner May I ask you wearher i May join your Trip

  4. Hi David,

    My name is Wai and I’m from Australia. I’m looking to do Everest Base camp and returning to Kathmandu on the 14th so a departure of the AC trail on the 16th of October would be perfect.
    Could you please share with me your itinerary ?

    Kind regards,

    • Check it out your e-mail address Im not sure if u received my reply 😉

  5. Hey man! That´s great.
    Give me your e-mail address and I´ll send you all!

    Kind regards

  6. Hey David,

    I’m a 20 year-old Australian guy and am looking for people to trek the Annapurna Circuit with- if there’s still room in your group for one more I’d be really keen to get a copy of your itinerary and join you guys!

  7. Hey JACOB!,

    Sound awesome! give me your e-mail address, and join you in the group, send u all the information, itinerary…

  8. Hi David,
    if you are still looking for more trekking partners, I would like to join.
    Hope to hear from you,

  9. Hi David,

    I would love to join you and your group next week for the Anapurna circuit. I’m a 31 year old German girl, am also not very experienced in high altitude trekking but very fit and so much looking forward to do the tour with some nice people. I arrived in Kathmandu today so we could start together from there. Would be great to hear from you!

    • Hey, That´s great!!
      Give me your phone number and I can add u in our Whatsapp group. If do yyou have an e-mail address I can send u the Itinerary too!!

    • Hi vera!
      Im in pokhara right now but I could leave on the 17th of october and meet you in besi Shara! I would take a jeep to Charme and start trekking there. 10-14 days incl. Tillcho lake and finishing trekking in jomsom.Let me know if you are interested!

  10. Hey David,
    Do you have room for one more on this trek? My name is Caitlin and I just arrived in Kathmandu yesterday. I’m excited about doing the Anapurna Circuit and would prefer good company. Hope to hear from you!

    • Hey Caitlin,

      Do you want to meet in Kathmandu and we can plan the trip together? I’m in an Ashram close by now. Would love to hear from you!

    • Get in contact with me and I can send u all the information, Itinerary etc…
      Give me your phone number and I can add u in our Whatsapp group.
      As more people as we can be it will be better!!