Nepal Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello, I’m going to Nepal in April(2017) looking to do the Annapurna Circuit trek and would love some company. I will be in Nepal for 28 days and well i’m looking for someone to come along for the ride. I wont be using any tour groups as the path is well worn and very popular.

I will Arrive in Kathmandu on April 2nd and try to head out to Pokhara after a couple of days where i will acquire both Permits required. I have a relatively small budget for this part of my 6 month trip.

I don’t really have a itinerary for my trip with the only restriction being i need to be back in Kathmandu for April 29th. I have set a duration of 20 days although we may finish long before then or even a little after.


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  1. Hi Peter,
    I want to do the Annapurna circuit but haven’t planed anything yet. I’m on a budget aswell and want to see if I can get though the trek without a guide.
    I only have little trekking experience and did a 5 days trek as the longest – but am in good shape and have the eager to complete. What’s your trekking experience?

  2. Hey, Little to no Trekking experience just long day walks for me so far(hence why i chose Annapurna Circuit). From what i’ve read/seen online the trek seems well worn to the point where a guide isn’t needed for all. Recently got into photography so hoping i can get some great shots while i’m out trekking.

  3. That’s cool. From your logistics on this page you’re planning to do the trek clockwise? And what about the ABC – are you planning to that aswell?

  4. I’ve looked at heading for Pokhara although from what i recently read on TripAdvisor its just as easy now to head straight for Besishahar all depending on what transport costs etc. So it seems like it will be down to choice.

    As for APB if i have the time then yes! Providing im able to get to the Annapurna region within a couple of days of arriving in Kathmandu then i will certainly give it my best to complete both.

  5. Yeah ’cause that was what I was thinking – to go from Kathmandu to Besishahar (should be possible to reach with a 6-9 hours bus ride), buy the permit there, have a sleep over and then start trekking the next day.

  6. Exactly the only thing i need to get on top of the permits are come Iodine tablets so i’m able to purify water. Should be available in Besishahar aswell.

    So ye, you’re welcome to come along if you want. When will you be arriving in Nepal?

  7. Cool, thanks. Yeah water purifying tablets would be a great idea.
    Well I haven’t booked anything yet so it depends. You’ll be arriving at Kathmandu 2nd of April, right? and how many days are you planning to spend there before heading to Besishahar?

  8. Yes i arrive in Kathmandu on the 2nd, ideally i’d like to be off towards Besishahar within a couple of days so i can get maximum time trekking.

  9. Hi Guys! Sorry to bud in. I’m looking to do the Annapurna Circuit around early April as well. Any chance I can join?

  10. Can’t say i have any issues with you coming along Andrew, I looked at your profile and it seems you’ve traveled all over. Depending on time i may also attempt to do the Annapurna base camp trek as well.

  11. Sweet! Keep in touch. I’ve been researching a fair bit. I’m good with dates and doing base camp as long as I’m back in Kathmandu by 28th/29th April. I quite interested in visiting Tilicho Lakes on the trek. Its a bit of detour but apparently well worth it.

  12. I’m absolutely also okay with you coming along Andrew..
    so how’re gonna do this? Just keep in touch and plan futher late marts?

  13. Sounds good. I’ll check back with you both around the start of march if you like and we can confirm everything?

  14. Sounds great! Set an official date in Kathmandu and meet up?
    I’m assuming the full circuit will take about 15-20days. Reading articles, anticlockwise would be the best idea starting from Besisahar ending at Pokhara. As for additional trips we can do the Annapurna Sanctuary & Tilicho Lake (worlds highest lake). FYI doing the ABC is an additional 5-7 days. Also for the route we take, we want to avoid the roads and go through the villages.
    This article is probably one of the better ones I’ve read about the circuit –

    • Hey Andrew, im too planning to start from Besisahar – Tilicho – thorang la- jomsom . Little detour around the villages would be more interesting.
      So , are you guys are all set for the trek ?? is there any possibility of joining you and the other guys .?

  15. hey every one im interrested to join your groupe, all be in Ktm march 31 to and flying out april 27 willng to do annapurna circuit and some side trip on the way! Let me know!!

  16. Just wanted to share if anybody is interested to combine APC and MC (Manaslu circuit). This combination compensates the loss due to motorable road along the APC . Start with MC, the final lap of MC is along the APC trail at Dharapani so pick up/start APC from there.

  17. Hey guys! i’m Fara from Indonesia 23y.o. Been willing to do the ac trek around that time (willing to visit tilicho lake too). Is it too late to team up with you? If it’s still possible to team up with you, wud u mind adding me on facebook “fara shabrina muntu”. i’d be happy to hear the details from you. Thank you.

    • Hey Fara, im too willing to do tilicho lake which would be a little detour but would be interesting . Im planning to start on the first week of April which is from Besisahar .

  18. namaste trekkers
    i m mattia , italian guy living in london
    i would like-love doing this trek with some other people.
    i ll be in nepal for 3 months and i will be in annapurna region in april
    my tim card is from 1 april to 5 of may.
    let me know if i can enjoy the group.
    thanks in advance

  19. Hey Guys
    Justin from Australia. I’m going to be in Nepal from the 29th of march to the 1st of April. Also looking to do the ANC, would love to join you guys!

  20. Hey people, im planning to do Annapurna Circuit ( Besisahar- Tilicho Lake – Thorangla pass – Jomsom ) starting from first week of April ’17 . Im actually looking for person or a small group to team up with so I will be happy to join any of you if we have dates in common. Regard’s

  21. Hey Peter, is it still possible to join your little group? Are you still planning to do the Annapurna Circuit? I also want to start trekking around the same time, starting April 4. As I only have 10 days, I would like to skip the first part of the trail by taking a Jeep from Besisahar to Chyamche and then start trekking from there. I will end trekking in Muktinath or Jomsom where I will take a bus/plane back to Pokhara. Maybe I could join you for some part of the journey? I will arrive in KTM on 31 March.