Nepal annapurna base camp or circuit

Hi, I’m a single person looking for a trekking partner to go trek with me in Nepal during the beginning of April 2016. I’m planning to go on the ABC or circuit route. Both are fine with me as I have 30 days in Nepal so i can do a slow trek or a fast trek. I’m on a budget so if more people can join it will be awesome to split the guide fees and experience it together.



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  1. Hello Sky i saw your reply in my post:)
    I’m quite new to this site.
    Do you have LINE or Facebook?
    Pls add me yangyuki

    • Hi, I can’t find you on facebook and I do not use LINE.
      you can email me at or search for me on facebook “Sai Sky Vang’

  2. Hey,
    Im planning to do a shorter route of the circuit that fits within my 15days in Nepal. Arriving on the 9th and could start trekking on the 10th. Would be nice to join a small group. If you guys start before and do the full trek, I could be you up and join for 6-7 days. What is your current plan, ACT or Base Camp?


    • I’m fixable to do both the ACT or based camp! However I might do the ACT and them come down on the based camp route

  3. Sky – do join me on my ABC trek (18-27th april) if timing permits 🙂
    planning a DIY porter only no guide

  4. Hey, I think I will start a bit earlier since I want to trek for longer days. However, we can definitely meet somewhere along the route and get up to based camp together or climb down together. Let keep in touch 🙂