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I am spending 2 months in Nepal, with plans to trek and explore in any way that takes my interest. No set plans as yet so open to suggestions and flexible with dates if anyone wants to hook up.
At the moment I am looking to trek in the Annapurna Region, possibly AC trek, though this too is subject to change depending on what unfolds once I arrive in KTM next week on the 7th April….

I do not have a lot of trekking experience but I am in good shape and expecting to push myself on this trip. That said, a slower pace at high altitude would be preferable for me.

Please get in touch if you would like a travel/trekking partner. I am pretty much open to anything and happy to go along with other people’s plans.

I will be keeping an eye out for other trips posted on here but just wanted to connect with people before I leave England.




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  1. Namaskar Kate,

    2 months in nepal sounds delightful, i am also visiting the country for 45 days starting from 13th april, Will be doing the annapurna circuit and then the 3 passes trek on the 7th of may.

    I am alone as of now for the annapurna and for everest i have 2 more people alongside. I am a 29 year guy from india. Trekked vastly in the indian himalayas. So let me know if we can cover sometime on the trails..

    Here are my trip details.
    Annapurna >

    3 passes >

    Om namaha shivaya. ॐ

  2. hej hej,

    i’ll be also in Nepal in April/May, but only for 2 weeks 🙁
    I want to do the ABC in this time and i’ll start on the 30th of April in Phedi
    My arrivel in Kathmandu will be the 29th of April.

    So if you have time and want to travel with me, just send me a message.

    Sry for my bad english 😛

    greets, Thomas

  3. Hey Kate!
    I’m in exactly the same boat as you! Right now I am in Kathmandu but I’d love to go for a trek but I don’t have anyone to go with.
    I’m compeltely flexible so message me and we could make a plan of some sort. My ideal dates would be from April 18th or 20th till no later than May 8th.

  4. Moderator

    w00t! sounds like this has the beginnings of being a good group

    Safe trekking guys!

    Anthony from TrekkingPartners

  5. Hey,

    I am planning to do the AC trek as well. Departure around the 10th. Looking for some trekking buddies to enjoy the time up there and share laughes. I’m not sure if I’ll take a guide yet but I am open to propositions.

    Cheers and let me know

  6. Hey there! I suggest something else. What about going first to mardi himal and then to abc within 8 days. I could start on monday the 14th. But my flight goes on the 29th from ktm. Is there someone interested? Greets felix

  7. I am already in pokhara ready to join anybody. Today is my firs day in pokhara, traveling alone and this is what happens when you have no plan. Looking forward to hearing from you anybody. Cheers

  8. Hi all

    I’ve just done a trek (Langtang Valley) but am vaguely considering doing ABC – but trying to do it within 10 days, probably starting around 16th or 17th April. Or possibly a shorter trek – am open to suggestions, but I definitely can’t go for longer than 10 days! I’m in Pokhara now and will be doing a retreat over the weekend – then making a plan next week…