ABC Trek, 4th November 2013 (10/11 days)

I’m hoping to leave on the ABC trek from pokhara on the 4th of November 2013. I’m thinking about hiring a guide, and id like to complete the trek in roughly 10/11 days. I’m a solo traveller and looking for a partner/ partners to join my on this trek! Please contact me if you interested in doing this trek with me 🙂




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  1. wish I could join!! was there recently and unforgettable memories of beauty. if you don’t find a partner, the following might help, it led me to expected, out of the way places and had a lot of useful tips and practical language section. cheers and enjoy:

  2. Hello when you decide to get service you like please write me on you can get any services you like on your requirement. When I get your 1st mail I will write you on details what we provide you.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Are you still planning to do this trek? I would be keen to talk to you more about this. I’m a solo traveler as well, from NZ. This will be my first visit to Nepal so quite keen to do the ABC trek. These dates you have put down are pretty perfect for me too so flick me an email if you are still going ta


  4. Wie kan me helpen om het fototoestel (sony cybershot) terug te vinden van mijn zoon die op wereldreis is.
    Hij is het op 5 oktober verloren tussen Tadapani en Chhomrong.
    Er staat op de SD- kaart een foto met zijn visum voor Iran en hiermee kan je zijn gegevens terug vinden.Het is van groot belang omdat hij sinds mei tot nu al heel wat landen met dat toestel heeft
    gefotografeerd.Herinneringen voor het leven …