Hello, heading with a friend to Nepal: three passes and (probably?) Island Peak.
Arriving in Kathmandu 10th November



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  1. Hey Andrea,
    I have the same plans. Haven´t booked flight yet but plan to arrive around the same time in Kathmandu.

  2. Yes that it can be good! In a couple of weeks I will do a trek in Italy and I will have a better idea about Island Peak 🙂

  3. Hey Andrea,
    I am also interested for this trek. Although I am very keen for island peak. But for that, a guide is also necessary and I don’t want to go with an agency(if possible). So please share some details as to what exactly you guys are planning.

    • Hello, yes the idea still has Island Peak: I saw that Chukkung – Island Peak – Chukkung is doable in 4 days, 3 days if we are lucky with weather 😉

  4. Hey Andrea,

    sounds good. How many days are you planning to spend on the whole trip? I´ll have to be back in Kathmandu on the 30th November. Are you planning to go with a guide?


    • Hey Jenny! Well, probably we will do just the 3 passes, without Island Peak 😉 I hope we can do it in 18 days, starting aroung the 12th….

  5. Hey mate,
    I’m really interested by the three passes and your dates could perfectly match mine.
    I haven’t booked my flight yet, but I can be in Katmandu the 10th.
    Do you mind if I join ?

  6. Hey guys,

    that sounds exactly like what I am looking for. I’m traveling to Nepal solo, but I’d love to be treking the three passes (and Island peak if possible) in a group. I’m a mid 20s med student from germany, treking the alps regularly.


    • hey guys, on 2 days I will go to climb kilimanjaro, so i will not have so much the way, my idea is still the same: leaving around the 12th to lukla and then doing the 3 passes in like 18/20 days 🙂

    • Hey! It would also match my plans, I’m already in Nepal and will be in Kathmandu again from the 5th of November.
      Are you guys already in contact in a different way? Then it would be great if you could send me a pm so we could trek together.

  7. Hey there… I’m rolling solo and looking to connect with some other hikers for the passes. My timing jibes with yours… Let me know if you would be interested in joining up.

  8. hey guys! me and my friend are ready to leave the 12th 🙂

    • Right on… would love to tag along, especially over those big passes. 🙂 Let me know how to connect with you….

  9. so, for everyone who can : me and my friend arrive in thamel the 10th: plans to see italy’s match if we find a tv on late night then the 11th looking for tims….12th flyng to lukla and going!
    this is my email, !