Hello fellow travellers!

I’m going back to Nepal finally after 6 years or so. Last time I went, I only did some minor hiking in the Annapurna Conservation Area (Birethanti – Gandruk – Jinu Danda – Dampus -Suiket). Always had the feeling I would like to come back some day to do the proper Annapurna Circuit – and thats now. So here’s the rough plan:

The route is the common anti-clockwise hike, starting in Besi Sahar and hiking all the way over Manang, Thorang La, Muktinaht etc. to finally end in Birethanti or Naya Pul. From there with a bus to Pokhara to chill out.

I arrive in Kathmandu late on the 6th of November. I need one day to get myself prepared (regestration, etc.), so I cannot depart from Kathmandu to Besi Sahar earlier than the 8th of November. So that’s the propsed starting day to get from Kathmandu to Besi Sahar with public transport. I wouldn’t want to rush through the circuit, so I saved up some extra days for resting and maybe some sidewalks (would also like to visit Tilicho Lake as a side hike, but I still would want to cross over Thorang La – not over Mesokanto La or Tilicho North pass). I figure 21 to 25 days should be enough to do it with proper acclimatisation. I would also like to walk up to poonhill and maybe move over tadapani to Ghandruk in the Modi Khola Valley.

I’m going to do the hike on my own indepedently. But I thinks it’s saver and probably nice to find some people to join me for the hike. Maybe something like 3 or 4 in total. If you are interested to join, please write. I’m also open to discuss some changes or delaying the actual hike, but I can not start earlier, as I allready booked a flight to Kathmandu and I’m in Myanmar before. Wouldn’t want to start too late aswell, however, as the risk for new snow at Torang La supposedly increases the closer it gets to december. For the side hike to Tilicho Lake it’s probably good to take a guide for maybe 3 day. Other than that, I would like to do independent.

I don’t need to travel extra cheap, but genreally I prefer simplicity. So I figuere the budget should be something up to 20 $ a day (excluding anything special).

I wouldn’t describe my walking pace exactly as “slow”, but I would like to enjoy the landscape and don’t make it a sports event 🙂 so if you are looking for fast pace or professional trekking, it’s probably not me..

I’m not exactly an experienced Trekker. I did some minor hikes and mountain climbing in the past, so I roughly know what to expect and what I should be able to do. But this one will be both the highest altidude and the longest hike (by far!) I ever did. I would describe me as a calm, relaxed guy. At least that’s what my friends are saying 🙂 If you are a relaxed person as well, feel free to contact me and we can figuere out if things fit and discuss details. I don’t really care how old you are or something like that, as long as you are cool.

Looking forward to meet you in Nepal!



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  1. Hello, Björn.
    What is your precise plan?

  2. Hello Julia,

    I have some flexibility to adjust, but here is the basic plan anyway:

    8th November: Department from Kathmandu to Besi Sahar.
    starting on the 9th of November the actual hike day by day would roughly be:
    1. Besi Sahar – Bhulbule (or Ngadi)
    2. Bhulbule – Ghermu
    3. Ghermu – Tal
    4. Tal – Chame
    5. Chame – Pisang (or upper Pisang)
    6. Pisang – Manang
    7. Acclimatisation/ Resting
    8. Manang – Letdar (or Yak Kartha)
    9. Letdar – Thorang Pedi
    10. Thorang Pedi – Muktinath/Ranipauwa
    11. Muktinath – Kagbeni
    12. Kagbeni – Marpha (or Jomsom)
    13. Marpha – Larjung
    14. Larjung – Ghasa
    15. Ghasa – Tatopani
    16. Tatopani – Gorepani
    17. Goerpani – Tadepani
    18. Tadepani – Ghandruk
    19. Ghandruk – Birethanti/Naya Pul and from there it’s back with a bus to Pokhara

    Optionally I think it would be nice to through in on are another day of rest and sidetrips. For instance making an extra day in Timang and maybe another one in Muktinath.

    Other than that I’m eager to climb poonhill (closeby to Gorepani, which is on the route anyway) and I’m thinking about doing an extra 2 to 3 day tour from Manang to Tilicho Lake and back to Manang (or directly to Yak Kartha, which seems to be possible aswell).

    Another Variation I’m thinking about ist finishing from Gorepani to Ulleri and then to Naya Pul. It’s one day shorter. But then again, I’m bot really that short in time.

    So the above Route is 19 days inculding allready one for acclimatisation. Doing some of the ther stuff would extend the hike to 24 oder 25 days at most.

  3. Hey Bjorn,

    I’m travelling from Pokhara but hope to start my trek on Nov. 8th…sounds like we travel/trek the same way…no big rush…but don’t want poor Dec. weather…its my first time too…did you already find someone to travel with?


  4. Hi Cathy,

    that’s great. Sound pretty much like the same plan. You would be the first one to join. but there is still plenty of time to gather some more companions, I think 🙂

    Same for me with december. But I think it should be fine, getting the way down to Jomson well before the beginnig of december. Beyond this point, the hike usually remains well below under 3.000m (besides Poonhill, which is a side walk anyway). Usually the weather should be fine even in december on this part of the hike.

    Starting on the 9th from Besi Sahar, it would be possible to finish the hike by the end of November (27th if I’m not mistaken). Even adding all extra days, arrival in Pokhara shouldn’t be later then 3rd December, which I think should be perfectly fine 🙂

    Many greetings

  5. Hi Björn and Cathy,

    I won’t be a to start the trek from Besi Sahar until the 10th of November (see my post) but maybe I’ll catch up with you both along the way!


  6. Hi Ruth,

    I wouldn’t mind delaying the hike to start on the 10th of November from Besi Sahar. It’s only one day. Would be nice to go in a group from the beginning, I think. Are you in Pokhara or in Kathmandu before?

    Would that be OK for you as well, Cathy?

  7. That would be great if you could wait for me on the 10th but no pressure at all. I arrive in Kathmandu at 11am on the 9th. I plan on travelling from Kathmandu to Besisahar on the morning of the 10th.
    I think it’s almost the same bus journey from Kathmandu to Besisahar as I read it takes 5 hours to travel from Pokhara to Besisahar.

    Will you be in Pokhara or Kathmandu before the trek?

  8. Hey Bjorn and Ruth…I’ll be at the Puskar Guest House in Pokhara until Nov. 8 but I could probably extend it until Nov. 10…would be great to have others join…

  9. I’m in Kathmandu from the 6th late evening. No problem for me hanging around a couple days over there. It’s an interesting place anyway 🙂
    So that would mean, that we go to Besi Sahar on the 10th to meet there. And start the actual hike on the 11th. Should be fine, as we could pass thorang la sometime between the 21st and 24th of November, deepending on side tours, weather etc.
    So I can meet with you in Kathmandu, Ruth. And the we hook up with Cathy in Besi Sahar?
    But how is it with your depature time? You have to be back in Kathmandu on the 29th right?

  10. Sounds like a good plan. I can meet you Björn on 9th in Kathmandu and travel to Besisahar on the 10th to meet you Cathy.

    The dates work for me. If we get delayed at all I can shorten my trip and fly or bus it back from Jomson on the 26th.

    Looking forward to the trip!!

    When do you travel to Myanmar Björn? I was there 3 years ago. It’s a gorgeous country. Lots of nice hikes to do there! The hike from Inle Lake to Kalaw is a must! A trek from Hsipaw to the Shan villages was another highlight when I was there!

  11. Cool. If Cathy is fine with it, we have a plan 🙂

    I’m in Myanmar just before Nepal. Really looking forward to this aswell 🙂 haven’t made my plans about this one yet, besides that I start in Dawai (coming from Thailand). Thanks for the tip!

    Looking also forward to Nepal!

  12. Hi guys. Started chating with Ruth on her post and have a similar itinerary and am also arriving in Kathmandu on 9th and getting bus to Besisahar on the 10th if you guys don’t mind me tagging along?

  13. hey, perfect. that’s great! feel welcome to join! it’s nice to get some more people to roll with us. so wr can just fix the 10th for leaving to pokhara and the 11th to start the acatual hike, i think. maybe we shoukd share email adresses or some other means of direct communication

  14. Hey. Thanks for the response. I don’t know if I have time to start on 11th rather than 10th as I have to fly home on 25 Nov and want to be in Pokhara by 22/23rd if possible (from Jomsom) and need to fit in Tilicho Lake.
    I will probably be getting the bus from Kathmandu to Besisahar on 10th. If you do end up starting trek on 10th let me know. If you end up going on 11th have a great trek and maybe bump into you on the circuit.

  15. hey susan, leaving at the 10th from kathmandu to besi sahar would exactly be the plan for ruth and me, to meet up with cathy over there. i think we all want to fit in tilicho lake as well, if possible. but i think the bus ride to get there will roughly take most of the day. so the day to start the actual hike and leave from besi sahar would be the 11th i think?

    • Oh yeah. That makes sense. Yeah starting from Besisahar on the 11th would be good. I’m looking forward to it : )

  16. Hey, I wonder if there is a room for one more maybe?. I have always wanted to hike in Nepal so i decided a few weeks ago to order one way ticket down. Im in kathm 07.11.17
    No friends of mine wanted to tag along so i had two options, either go alone or never go at all. But the dream is one day go up Mount everest itself and starting hiking in the himalayas would be the best way to start in my opinion.
    The highest mountain i have climbed is only 2600m, but i train strength and stamina 4-5 days a week so im pretty good shape.
    I have been in so many different countries and im very easy person to like in my opinion :D. I love to talk to new people and im very interested in other cultures.

    • PS: i do not wear glasses at full time, they just study/reading glasses 😛

  17. Hi Ole, that’s cool, feel free to join. So the schedule is OK for you? Sounds like you have plenty of time, which is good. Ruth and Susan are probably to short in time to go all the way back to Naya Pul, but rather have to leave from Jomsom. I want to continue walking and also climbing up poonhill at the end of the hike.

    • im 100% down for everything and the schedule is great :D. Really looking forward to meet you all.

  18. Are you on Facebook Ole and Cathy? I’ve added the others. I thought we could all keep in touch via group chat on Facebook messenger or WhatsApp. What do you think? It might be easier to organise plans for the trek instead of on this. I know not everyone are fans of group chats!

    Really looking forward to doing the circuit with you guys! I just bought a new bag for the trek which I can’t wait to use!

    • My name of FB is Ole Christian Andersen. Just add me im down for GC

  19. So welcome on board Ole!

    FB & Whatsapp groupchat works both for me. Looking also forward to meet you all in Nepal!

  20. Hi Everyone hope you are all well!
    Sorry I haven’t set up a group chat yet on Facebook. I couldn’t find you on Facebook Ole. There seems to be so many with the same name as you. It might be easier to find me on Facebook – Ruth Candon.

    My friend Maria is going to join us on the trek too if that’s ok. She arrives in Nepal the same time as me. She’s done lots of travelling and hikes already and she’s lots of fun. I’ll add her to the group chat when it’s set up.

    Chat soon.

  21. Hey Ruth,
    that’s great. Cool to have anotherone to join.

    I’ve been busy with finnishing my work over here as well. But at least I picked up an APC map last week 🙂 … ready to go basically.

    Vou can look up Ole in my FB friends list, I think.

  22. Hi guys,

    I don’t suppose you have room for another? I see that your group has grown since Bjorn first posted :).

    I’m still planning my trip and will need to confirm but at this stage I’m looking at arriving in Kathmandu in the evening on the 8th Nov and fly out early Dec.

    I’m Polish Australian, well traveled, and generally get along well with people especially when on the road! I run a lot including a marathon and a couple half marathons this year (training for another atm). I have done plenty of hiking over the years but mainly shorter treks, the exception being India a couple of years ago where I did a couple of multi-day hikes including above 5000m.

    This will be my first time in Nepal and the itinerary proposed by Bjorn works perfectly. I’m very flexible and happy to take things as they come!

    I generally travel solo and as its the best way of meeting people so if I’m welcome I would love to join your group!



  23. Hi Bart,

    that’s great. Of course we have room for a couple buddys more. The plan solidified to leaving at the 10th from Kathmandu to Besisahar. So arriving on 8th would just be about perfect.

    Doing the complete circuit including Tilicho Lake, would roughly mean arriving around the 3rd of december in Pokhara. Ruth and her friend Maria are going to leave with plane from Jomson, as say have to take a flight back from Kathmandu on the 29th Nov.

    Would be great to have you on board as well! Feel free to cantact me on facebook, if your’re in for it. Ruth started a group to discuss the details.


  24. Thanks Bjorn!

    Ill spend a bit more time over the weekend and early next week and try to finalise my dates and travel plans. Once that is clear Ill get in touch again on facebook and here.

    All the best,


  25. thats cool. fell free to ask any questions if you need to know some details. cheers, björn

  26. Hi Bjorn,

    Just a quick update. I’m still trying to juggle my professional life so that it doesn’t interfere with my travel plans! Ill know more in the coming days.


  27. Hi Bjorn,

    Hope all is well!

    Everything is sorted out and my flights are booked! I arrive in Kathmandu 9pm on the 8th of November and will be flying out on the 6th of December.

    Is it still ok if I join up with your group?

    All the best,


  28. Hi Bart,

    that’s great. Welcome on board!

    The flying dates sound perfect as well. Let’s dscuss the details in the fb group. You can find me under my clear name (Björn Jonassen).


  29. Great, Ill get in touch on fb! My name on fb is Richard Nixon (No political affiliations :)! Its a long story!). I use the same pic I have on here. Ill send you a friend request!



  30. Hello All,

    I see your group is expanding fast! I am also looking to do the trek starting around the same dates as you mentioned and it would be great to have some like company. I am originally a Brit but have been living in Berlin for the last 6 years and am currently working in Abu Dhabi. I have quite a lot of hiking experience but not as of yet in Nepal.

    It sound like you guys have got a nice little group together so I look forward to hearing back from you!


    • hey matt, sorry for responding only know (on the road allready). yea, it would be cool if you join us. just add me (or one of the others, as i’m probably less online the next couple days) on fb and we will put you in the group (if you don’t use fb, we can message here). great to have you on board!

  31. I sent you a request Bjorn – I struggled to find the others with out some more information about locations etc. Maybe you can just add me to the chat when you are back online and we will see where we all are. Thanks!

  32. Hello Bjorn,

    I really like your plan:) I want to join you for all the circuit. Do you still have room for one more?


  33. Welcome to the group Dorint. If the dates I wrote you on private message, fit you, you are the one who makes the group complete!

    That means also the group is closed for more people from now, as we think its getting to difficult to handle, with rooms, pace, etc.

    • Just saw that your group is closed yet after I´v sent you a request. Maybe you can get in contact with us, when two places get free again.

      We are a couple of Germany and would love to do the trek with other people. So maybe there is chance left to join you. Otherwise we maybe see us on the trip!

  34. Hi Bjorn,
    I know your group is full for the first part of the Annapurna trek but like you I would like to do all the trek.
    If it match with the date maybe I can join you on the 2nd part?
    I am a 38 years old from France and I am easy going and very flexible 🙂

    Let me know if you are interested

    • Hi Deborah,

      we are a couple from Germany and will arrive in Kathmandu on the 4th of November. We would love to do spend the trek with other people!

      When you are interested, get in contact! 🙂

  35. Hi Björn,

    even your group is expanding fast – maybe you have still two more places left?
    We are a couple from Germany (24 & 25 years old) and plan to do the ABC trek in November. We`ll arrive in Kathmandu on the 4th of November, but are fine to hang around a few days before we start the trek. We would love to do the trek with other people to share the experiences, evenings and get in contact with different people!
    Maybe there are some chances for us to join you.
    Would be great!

    Tina & Joas

  36. Hello Björn, well, whistle please if a space shows up, I would love to join you all, those dates work well for me.

  37. Hi Tina, Jonas and Lila,

    Our group is 8 for most of the part of the hike allready now and we all together diceded to leave it at this. Dorin and Deborah were the last to join (as someone left the group). We just think that its too much of organising, rooms, etc doing it with more people.

    but i’m sure we see each other on the hike in the villages anyway, if you start around the same time. maybe you can also hook up together to start another group, as it seems there are still people comming in to do the trek.

    Many greetings