So guys! I’m going to Nepal for the first time!!! I’m arriving in Kathmandu on the 1st of October 2017.

My plan is to spend 1 day on shopping for trekking gear and stuff. The next day I’m catching a bus to Besisahar where I’ll be getting my permits and starting my trek on the Annapurna Circuit. I would prefer not to rush the trek, but I’m super flexible.

The only problem . . . . I have nobody to share the experience with!! So, if you’re a kindhearted individual who needs a travel buddy . . . . . CONTACT ME!!

A little bio about myself:
I’m a 24 year old male who loves animals. So be prepared to wait while I pet the local dogs.
I don’t take things too seriously, and I tend to laugh in stressful situations.
I’m childishly curious.

South Africa


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  1. Hey Christian!
    I’m planning on arriving in Nepal October 1st (if not earlier) and after getting my gear sorted, I want to hit the circuit ASAP! This is my first time trekking, but I don’t anticipate any issue! I also love animals, and insist on saying hello to all the local dogs (and cats!) too. I’d like to hike independently, but would prefer not to trek the circuit solo. Let’s form a crew. Feel free to find me on Facebook (Monica Danielle.)
    28, USA

    • Hi Monica!!

      Thank you so much for your reply! I think it will be awesome for us to form some sort of crew!

      I watched a vlog on YouTube (The Annapurnas by Ryan Purvis) which inspired me to take on this adventure, but on some stages it looked like they were rushing the trek, something I really don’t want to do. But hey, that will be impossible if we’re going to stop to say hello to all the animals.

      I’ll forward you my travel info shortly so that we can begin with the planning.


  2. Hey Christian!
    I’m highly considering Nepal (currently dreaming up an itinerary) and although I’ve never been on a trek, I must say it’s highly intriguing. I love nature and it would definitely be the most outdoorsy thing yet. The fact that you would rather not rush the trek therefore works well for me, seeing that I’m a beginner. (Although I do actually want to enjoy the scenery – and the dogs- too!!)
    Yeah, as per Monica’s reply, would be cool if we could form a crew! I was thinking about some solo travel, but maybe completely alone wouldn’t be too good an idea haha 🙂
    I was also thinking 1st October – although the idea was to stay for ca. 15 days. Then again, no concrete plans so far so still flexible.

    • Hi Christine, experienced nepali guide here. Just message me for details and affordable prices.

  3. Hi there I will be arriving Kathmandu on Oct 7, I am planing to stay there for one or two days than head to NATT. I will be my first packbacking trip and I am very excited. If anyone would like to do the circuit together please msg me. Gloria

  4. I’ll be ready to go Oct. 9th – Oct. 27th. I would like to take 17-19 days for the circuit.

    I arrive in KTM Oct 7th if that’s not too late for you, let me know.

  5. Hmm bummer… I haven’t booked my tickets yet but I was planning on arriving on the 30th, using the Sunday to shop around for bus tickets, permits, etc and then actually be on the bus to Besisahar on the 1st. I have planned it that way so that I don’t have to take too many leave days off work. I am hoping to bus it to Bhulbhule or Ngadi, then start my journey. I am also planning 3 side trips, one being Kang La at the upper Pisang, the other being the Tilicho Lake and the final one being the ABC. After reading a lot of reviews online, I’ve decided to bus it from Muktinath to Tatopani, saving myself a few days and a whole lot of dust and wind. Then head to Ghorepani to Chhomrong and onto ABC, back to Chhomrong and Ghandruk, and then bus it to Pokhara. Hoping to be on a plane in Kathmandu on Saturday Oct 21st and back in Australia on Sunday (and work on Monday :/ )

  6. Hi Chirstian,
    I am looking for a trekking buddy to do the AC…Was wondering if you could send me your itinerary? Im flexible on my dates.
    A Little bit about myself:
    I am an Indian, working in the middle east. Easy going and fairly fit.
    I’ve been on treks before in the Himalayas but nothing as long as the AC.

    Looking forward to your reply,
    Aaron John

  7. Hey guys, so everybody here is planning Annapurna Circuit Trip right? Not Annapurna Base Camp as mentioned in title?

    • Hi Anna, here is a guide for you to take you to the ABC with affordable prices you will ever have. Just message me. Thanks!!

  8. I would like to do both if time is allowed.

  9. Hi Christian!
    I am coming to Nepal from the 1-24. I want to do a trek on the annapurna but have to fly to Delhi on the 14th from Kathmandu. How long are you planning on trekking?

    live in BKK
    27, Canadian
    very cool with himalayan badass mountain dogs.

    • Hi Nicole, I am a nepali guide with expertise in the Annapurna region, I have always managed to make my customer happy. In the past few customer had no time but I designed their trek itinerary so they returned with a big smile on their face. Message me for prices and details. You will travel the most affordable prices ever and with loads of fun !!

  10. Hi Christian,

    Awesome that you are putting together a crew! I’m looking to do the AC as well I’ll arrive in Kathmandu on the 27th September and looking to start pretty soon after my arrival. I need to be back in Kathmandu on the 19th October so not sure if this works with your plans. A little bit about me I’m 28, Dutch but currently living in Australia. I’m average fit, love a good chat and coffee and I’m a pretty easy going travel companion. Let me know if you would like to meet up. Cheers, Vee

  11. Hey christian,

    Im interested.
    please send me your plannings(if any).
    im quite flexible with the dates.

    About me;

    adventures,diving,rock climbing,hiking,trekking,
    carries own equipment,no guides no problem.

  12. Hey! I’m not sure if you’ve decided all of your plans or partners yet but I would love to join you and anyone else who is keen!
    I’ll be arriving October first, will gather gear the first day and am looking to start as soon as possible! I love animals and nature and I’ve been looking forward to this part of my trip for a very long time!
    I’m currently 4 months in on a 18 month trip around Asia, South America and Antarctica!
    Let me know if you have a spot open

  13. hey Christian and crew,

    This is also my first time Nepal, i just arrived yesterday!
    I’m looking for other people to share the special moments on the AC. I’m also an animal lover and like hiking. Never did anything like this before though. But that makes me more excited!!
    I’m Kim, 25 years old and Dutch. I started my backpack trip 22 July. I’m really easy going, love a chat and not in a rush.
    I hope I can still join your crew.

    Cheers, Kim

    • Hi all, I’m in Kathmandu right now and looking to get my permits today and get a private car to Bessisahar today. Anyone keen? I am leaving the hotel (royal penguin, thamel) around 830am local time to get the permits. Office opens at 10am.