Hi !
We are two French students travelling to Nepal this summer. We have found a trekking agency offering a great itinerary in Naar Phu valley: Katmandou- Dahrapani-Koto-Dharmasala-Metha-Chaku-Kyang-Phu-Naar. This region is supposedly less affected by the monsoon and apparently very beautiful. What’s more, given that ths region has been recently openend to tourists, it is really preserved. We would be happy if other travellers wanted to join us for this adventure. If you have any question and want further details about the itineray and the conditions, please contact us 😊

The destination of the trek is not the Annapurna Circuit Trek, it’s between Upper Mustang and the Annapurna circuit trek, it is a compromise between these two regions 🙂



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  1. Check for more options too 🙂

  2. Hi Camille,

    I am hoping to join you guys. Are you still interested in doing the trek. Let me know