Hi !
We are two French students travelling to Nepal this summer. We have found a trekking agency offering a great itinerary in Naar Phu valley: Katmandou- Dahrapani-Koto-Dharmasala-Metha-Chaku-Kyang-Phu-Naar. This region is supposedly less affected by the monsoon and apparently very beautiful. What’s more, given that ths region has been recently openend to tourists, it is really preserved. We would be happy if other travellers wanted to join us for this adventure. If you have any question and want further details about the itineray and the conditions, please contact us 😊

The destination of the trek is not the Upper Mustang, it’s between Upper Mustang and the Annapurna circuit trek, it is a compromise between these two regions 🙂



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  1. Hey Camille!

    I’m planning to be in Nepal this August and think it would be awesome to find trekking partners. Your itinerary is super unique and I’d love to learn more about it.

    A bit about myself: I’m a student from the states. I’ve backpacked SEA before but (sadly) never made it to the Himalayas. I’m laid back, love hiking, and a pretty positive person overall. I’m really flexible with dates so August 2nd works fine for me.

    Let me know!

  2. Is the duration fixed?

    I am looking for a trip away from monsoon too. But I am only available between 31 Jul to 11 Aug.

    • Yes we arrive on the 2nd and the length is about 2 weeks

  3. We are 2 guys from kathmandu, planning to do the upper mustang the same time around. We need 2 more peoples to join us. We are not guides . And we wish equal sharing of the total expenses. If interested you can respond.

  4. hello, i want to join trek in tsum valley. can you send me details of company and itinerary.

    • Hi natalya,
      Are you still interested for doing a trek ? We will do it with base camp trek, id you are interested I can send you the itinerary !