I have two months (June/July 2017) in Nepal. Loosely planning on:

*EBC (classic and 3 passes). Also, I currently plan to bus from Kathmandu to Jiri, and start walking from there. Flexible on this, however. Actually, flexible on pretty much everything. Except I’m definitely going to EBC!

*Annapurna Circuit
*Some epic kayaking/rafting
*Any other trekking opportunities, cultural experiences, adventures that arise. 🙂

Note: Budget listed below ($40) is what I’m planning as an average per day over 2 months.

I’m not really looking for someone to join me for the entire two months; just segments of it. For instance, you might be interested in EBC but not Annapurna, or vice versa. Or the kayaking/rafting side of things. Or cultural excursions. Basically, if you’re in Nepal the same time I am, and you’re keen to meet up and travel with someone else for safety and enjoyment, please get in contact.

New Zealand


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  1. correction: Then we can meet in Kathmandu * (btw: this is an option)

  2. Hi kreig,

    I am also planning to do EBC around 1st of June and looking for Partners as this is my first 12 day trek and I am an extrovert who enjoys people’s company in downtime. You may go though my bio and let me know if we should join and do EBC together I am open with the dates as I am yet to book flights,

  3. Hey Himanshu,

    Are you in for three passes trek (see video above). ECB is part of it! I would arrive around 1st of june in Kathmandu, then I would fly to Lukla to start trekking! It would, however, take a bit longer than 12 days I think. In the video they are trekking for around 16 days.

  4. Hey Kreig,

    If you are still looking for companions for 1st week June, and do EBC via Gokyo Ri. As I dont think I have extra time to do 3 passes Trek.

    I am planning an approximate 2 week trek from 6th June.

    I have my heart set on either
    1)Ebc via Gokyo ri
    2)Manaslu Circuit Trek

    A little about me , I am 33 yr old and reasonably fit. I have done a few treks around Ladakh and Himalayas. Have been to 14000 ft Gand la pass in Ladakh which was a fairly easy 6 day trek no AMS issue. My speed is slow and leisurely. I wanted to do a sort of meditative trip (hopeful).

    I am travelling alone as of now and would love to have other partners on board . Would be wanting to stay in tea houses throughout. I would be happy to have a porter/guide if you would like . Happy to go Independent also. Open about the trip except dates

  5. Hi team,

    my rough plan is to do all I can whilst in that region. Join for all of it or part of it; up to you. 🙂

    • Craig, I’ll be up there let’s keep in touch!

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