Hello. Just discovered this site; ain’t the web amazing.

I’ve been trekking in Nepal since ’89 and I’m looking forward to returning after a post-earthquake hiatus.

I’ll be in Nepal from Oct 13 – Oct 30. I have Nepali friends who will handle the travel arrangements. I travel independently.

I’m not attached to any particular trek, but am limited by my time there. Nepal is my Asian home and just to be there is a banquet. I’m easy going, a New Yorker, Buddhist, and therapist. Upbeat and chronically curious. Plus, I’m large, strong, useful, and creative: I come in handy. Children run toward me; bandits avoid me.

I’m interested in sharing the experience with a like-hearted person, up for adventure of all kinds.




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  1. Hi, I’m an Indian trekker. Unfortunately I’m planning to reach Nepal b/w 25-30 Oct. Do lemme know if we can trek during that time. I’ve quite a lot of time on my hands, but little money and no company.