Hi ,

I’m looking for people to go trekking with in Nepal.
I dont have a specific route/destination in mind but prefereble the Annapurna region.
I dont have anything planned yet so I’m open for suggestions.
I will be arriving in Kathmandu august 23 and i will stay there for a few days. If i dont find people there , i probably go to Pokhara.
It is my first time in Nepal but I have some experience in mountainclimbing from Switserland.
Will be in Nepal till sept 23.




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  1. Hi Thomas

    I’m not sure if this is too late for you but if you’re looking for someone to go hiking the Annapurna circuit, I could potentially accompany you. I’m also looking to do some peak climbing off the Annapurna circuit as well if you’re interested. Coming with an alpine rack, mostly climbed in South America. Arriving KTM 28 Aug. First time in Nepal.



  2. Hi Thomas,
    Did you leave kathmandu yet? I’m looking for a trekking partner to do either manaslu (preferred) or annapurna. I’d be looking at +\- 3 weeks trekking time. I’ve been in Nepal for about a month now. If you’re interested to get in contact let me know. Cheers Mark