I am going to do the Anapurna Circuit end of May to middle of June (my flight from Kathmandu goes at the 21st), an I planned to do the hiking with a guide who costs 25£ a day but you can divide the money through us people trekking together ( doing the hiking was Kind of a spontaneous decision,so I didn’t really plan to save some money for that). I heard that you can take a Bicycle on the part of th route where it gets dusty and less beautiful,but that is just an idea. I would be really happy if somebody accompanies me, it’s my First real long hike, though i’ve already done long day hikings over 8 hours, but I guess that’s nothing in comparison to what expects me in Nepal.



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  1. Hi, I am also planning a low budget trip and the timing is also great for me, I would be interested in going as everyone I know is busy. I have experience with long hikes, but not outside the UK. Thanks 🙂

  2. Hey Sam, that would be great I am actually taking a guide with another girl, called Julie, but he said it wouldnt be more than 500€, which is still pretty cheap and I think it would be worse hiking 2 days in the wrong direction just to save some money. If you want to join us that would be great, the guide is 25$ per day and we would share this through 3, we will start the track at 29 th if May, would that be alright?

  3. Sounds great! Should we create a group chat or something so we can coordinate the trip?

  4. Yes I will try to, how exactly does that work? 😀

  5. Hi, I could also join you, the dates are good for me. However, I’m really not interested in going with a guide… Not just for the costs, but I also read many mixed reviews about experiences with guides and I think it restricts you a bit. Also, there’s a lot of information, the tracks seem to be well marked, and you find a lot of people along the way. So it really seems uneccessary to me, if you already have a group. And finding the way on your own is also part of the thrill 🙂 So, anyway, please let me know if you change your mind and plan to go independent and I will most likely join you!

  6. Hi Folks I would be very interested in joining!, I’m completely flexible on dates. I don’t mind with or without a guide. Maybe not necessary with a larger group?

  7. Hey Lynne in fact it’s just me and Sam at the Moment plan is to leave to Pokhara at the 29th of May and then have about 20 days of trekking, we share the cost of the guide he is 25$ a day, so if we’re 3 it would be about 8$ each a day 🙂 it would be really nice to see you!

  8. Helloo! Thought I would jump in on conversation. I am also looking for trekking partners for ACT. Was hoping to get started a bit sooner than the 29th though.. more so to try miss the rains! Have you guys fixed your date already? I have hiking experience but this is my first time to Nepal. Would be keen to meet up regardless if anyone is interested. Kayleigh x

    • Hey Kayleigh, so we already have the 29th of May as our starting say fixed, but maybe you can still join us, I think the monsoon will (starting middle of June so if we’re lucky we don’t get wet often, when did you wanted to start? I guess we’re finished around the 17th, we are 3 people at the moment maybe you change your mind and join us? Best regards!

  9. Hey!

    I’m planing on doing the circuit trek myself around the same time, but currently I don’t have any trekking partners. So it would be awesome if I might join you guys? Let me know what you think.

    Best regards,

    • Hey Thomas, sure we can meet, we will start from Kathmandu next Monday the 30th to Beshisahar and then start trekking from there, we have a guide, I don’t know if you want to join our group or just want to meet up? Are you interested in having a guide? Would be nice to meet you! Best regards!

    • Hey! That’s great timing, actually. I arrive in Kathmandu on the 28th, so I would be ready to leave on the 30th. It would be awesome to join your group. Regarding a guide, it’s the same for me. I’m cool with it either way. Are you planing the whole circuit, including Thorong La?

  10. Yes we are also walking over the Thorong La, and end in Pokhara at the 17th of June, so should we meet up somewhere? We will take the Bus at 7 AM on Monday. Could you send me your whatsapp number so I can add you to our group?

    • Sounds good! Meeting up would probably be a good idea. Are you all staying in the same hostel or? My whatsapp number is +47 48 10 98 76

  11. Hello, i want to do the trek as well. I am in Pokhara allready and looking for a group a can join! Is that a possibility??

    • Hey Kevin,
      Are you still interested in doing the trek?
      I would like to leave on the 26th.

  12. Hey guys, so we’re not staying in the same hostel, I am in my voluntary program in Chuchepati, there is a hostel called trekkers holiday inn samsara, I think Sam, who will join us, will stay there, and we could meet up there, I live 3 minutes from there:) Kevin, sure you can join us, we’re leaving the 30th fromKathmandu to Besishahar, maybe we can meet up there, if you won’t join Julia, let me know 🙂